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April 29, 2015

Cleanliness is close to Godliness







Hi there!

Hope all of you have had an amazing week so far. I’ve been super busy with a) running around my little bug (my God, this kid is THE Energizer bunny!), b)work-work and finally c)trying my best to keep my house tidy, fresh, clean and smelling amazing.

I remember being a kid and going to visit my grandma’s and her house always smelled of eucalyptus, so fresh and inviting and I’ve always tried to accomplish that same feeling in my own home. I detest going in to someone’s house and it smelling like food, or pet slobber or any other “funky” smell, for that matter. Same goes for my own home: I want people to come to my place and say “What is that great smell” or tell other people about how good my place smelled. Hey, I’m no type A but I do like to keep some level of cleanliness particularly since I have a little one and a pet. Isn’t it to go into someone’s home and feel completely welcome on the way it smells alone? I sure as heck do.

On that note, I have found a line of products which I am absolutely obsessed with called Caldrea. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not, the point is these products had me at hello from the minute I smelled them. I can honestly say that all scents are my favorite (which is a hard feat for a cleaning product to accomplish, in my opinion). But, obviously there is one particular scent from their line I die for which is the Green Tea Verbena: so fresh, clean and sophisticated. It’s perfect. And the best part? The scent lingers for hours!! Yay!! Are the products effective cleaners? They sure are. And best of all…drumroll….they are free of parabens and phtalates!! Double yay!! I cannot ask for more. So there you have it: luxury, effectiveness and cleanliness all in one great simple product.

Until next time…




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April 25, 2015

A day at the park




Weekends are for getting away, de-stressing and spending time together. Weekdays are so hectic and with a baby, it’s hard to completely unwind because you’re always on “alert mode”, especially now that little cub has started crawling, pulling himself up and scooting all over the place. Boy, does he have energy!!

We really love taking him and our dog to the park on weekends. Our boston terrier is so hyper and the outing really helps him unwind as well. Pets do need and benefit from fresh air and exercise so we try to take him out as much as possible.   We recently relocated from Puerto Rico to Orlando and I am so amazed by all the great places there are for sightseeing and activity. It’s more than just theme parks: there really are some cool places to go to! We love it here. The weather is very similar to what we’re used to from back home so it’s great (with the exception of winter: it gets very cold!).  So normally, we like to go to Eola Park on sundays, which is in downtown Orlando. It’s so chill: the people, the atmosphere, everyone is in “relax and have a good time mode”. We so enjoy this place and are so grateful to be in this area at this stage in our lives.

Hope you have an amazing weekend…

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Invicta watch: similar here

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Gap onesie

Gap baby shorts

Target: Baby crab baseball cap

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April 21, 2015


Mica and Mama 2

Soooo this is my official entry in this brand new adventure…a little nervous and anxious (after all, I haven’t done anything like this before), sharing my likes, tastes and everything in between.

I am a working, stay-at-home mom of a rambunctious baby boy. A little ray of light I honesty never imagined would come into my life, literally (I was told by a doctor once that I would have a hard time conceiving). After many failed attempts, my husband and I finally stopped trying. And then a miracle happened.

So here I am, nine months later, with a little life that has been entrusted to me, scared as I could ever be yet excited at the same time, for every day is a new discovery and challenge but I am as willing as ever to tackle each and every one with my precious boy. I have never felt so blessed.

I am grateful for this new stage in our lives. It is bittersweet, challenging, tempestuous but above all, beautiful.

This is the beginning of a wonderfully precious journey. Thank you for following along.

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