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May 24, 2015

Cool white and navy blue

IMG_1138 FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (12) FullSizeRender (11) FullSizeRender (10) IMG_1173 IMG_1165 IMG_1164 IMG_1143 IMG_1140


Nothing screams “summer” to me more than a plain white tank top. Tank tops are essentials no matter where you live (being cold or hot weather) because you can always dress them up or down, wear them to bed, underneath a jacket..I mean I could go on.

A crisp white tank top looks good with anything, let’s be honest. I like to make it the center of my outfit-a blank canvas- and pair it with dark navy denim. It looks so chic to me and by just adding one key accessory and sexy heels I feel like I can take on the world (supermom to the rescue hehehe). I remember having a brazilian roommate when I was in college and she always wore the simplest outfits (crisp white shirts with denim and a kickass belt, black tank tops with simple shorts and beautiful heels) and she always looked soo chic. Then again she was “Gisele” tall and beautiful and girlfriend could wear a paper bag and still look scorching hot. Aren’t brazilian women just out of this world gorgeous?!!! #obsessed. The point is less is more, especially come summer time and tank tops are THE summer wardrobe staple.

Anywho, It’s no secret (and maybe you’ve noticed) that I wear a lot of pieces from #OldNavy, #BananaRepublic and #Gap. Well I ain’t ashamed to say that they have had my heart since high school because everything I throw on from them fits my body just right. I am veeeeery curvy and their clothes just work for me. Even during my pregnancy I was rocking out stuff that was non-maternity and it still looked good (minus the denim, of course). I have neeever tried on a pair of jeans from the Gap that hasn’t fit me just right. They just work.

So, for this occasion, I paired this Banana Republic tank  with some dark Gap denim (old) and my favorite leopard heels for a little visit to the Orlando Aquarium. Y’all know that whenever I get a chance to wear my heels I’ll jump right in so it had to be done. I’ve linked some similar products here because most of it has sold out. And this necklace from Piperlime (WHY DID THEY LEAVE?!!! WHY?!!!!!!) will always have a special place in my heart…I bought it the day I learned I was pregnant and I didn’t know I was giving my self a pre-push present ha!

Best to all of you and have a rockin’ long weekend,



Banana Republic racerback tank

Gap 1969 jeans (old)  similar here

Nine West leopard heels (old) similar here 

Piperlime necklace (old) similar here 

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May 21, 2015

Little Green


Our other baby boy, Max, had to make an appearance hehehe…He was getting curious about what we were doing!


I’ve always been a product junkie. Anyone who knows me, knows this about me. During my pregnancy, this product obsession basically became more acute. And. now that I am mom, well…you do the math. The thing is, now it’s different. Now, I am much more conscious of the products I purchase because I take into consideration how they can affect my baby and his well being. I’ve been lucky enough that little cub has never shown an allergic reaction to the products I use on him but still I always try to do my research on what’s best for his skincare needs.

I was so excited when Little Green contacted me to review their products. After they contacted me, I looked into their products and all the positive reviews their products have received so far so I couldn’t wait to try them (yes, I am one of those moms who “occasionally” uses her child’s products ;-)) I can honestly tell you, these products are IT. First off, the shampoo/shower gel: heaven. I can’t stand watered down shower gels or shampoos. To me, they don’t speak “quality”. This one is thick (love!), has a faint scent,  and lathers like heaven, so perfect for baby, my son loves it! Next, the body lotion (I swear I’ve been “borrowing” a little everyday after I shower hehehe) and I just love it because it is not greasy and again, the scent is just right, very faint. Finally, one little product we will be using a lot during winter time is their balm. Again it is not super greasy (I hate that) and yes, yes, yes! I have used it (hey I have to review the products, sheesh!) on my lips and I am certain that come cold weather it will be a lifesaver. Little cub gets dry patches in his elbows and knees so this will be to relief his delicate skin. And I can’t boast enough about the packaging: sooooo cute!!!

Honestly, the best thing about these products is the fact that they are paraben free (important to consider when purchasing baby care products), sulfates, gluten free (love…I hate gluten, bleh) and allergens. All their products are dermatologists approved so it makes me feel good about what I am putting on my baby’s skin. Mommas, if you are looking for quality products to care for your little one’s skin (heck and your own and as well) look no further. I guarantee you will not regret including these amazing products to your family’s skincare routine.


Until next time, stay classy and fresh,



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May 17, 2015

Downtown strolls







We absolutely love going downtown with our little cub whenever we get a chance. I know i’ve said it before but we really do love living here in Orlando. My husband’s and my work schedule are so hectic sometimes we only get to really interact in the late afternoons when he gets home from work and the time is so limited because little cub goes to bed at around 9:30pm. By the time he wakes up, dad’s already gone off to work, so it’s just me, him and his brother Max (our boston terrier). It’s hard sometimes because even though we meet people here and there, I haven’t really made any “mom friends” (why is it so hard to make “mom friends”? is it just me?) and our family members are so far away I am always trying to find places to take little cub so he can interact with other kids. I feel bad sometimes that it’s just me and him all day and he doesn’t get to socialize with other people (especially other babies/kids) because I believe this is important for his development, particularly for language acquisition. But then again, he is still 10 months old so I always say to myself “there’s still time for him to do these things”. I take him to music class every week, once a week and he gets a chance to interact with other kids there so that’s a plus.

That being said, we try to make it downtown as much as possible for park time and just strolling through the streets. The vibe here is so relaxed, the people are friendly…the atmosphere is just right. There are so many little restaurants to go to it’s hard to pick just one. We usually end up somewhere where they specialize in beer crafting ’cause that’s my hubby’s thing 😉 Later we always end up in the swings for the little one. He literally could stay there all day if we let him. He bawls out when we take him out and the stares we get are like “what are they doing to that child?!” Ohhh lawwwddd. This kid.

So that’s us on our free time. I hope you all have an amazing weekend…

Until next time,



Banana Republic skirt 

Old Navy espadrille sneakers

Target 3/4 sleeve tee (old) similar here 

Target sunglasses 

Gap cardigan 

Old Navy bucket bag (old) similar here 

Old Navy onesie (sold out) similar here 

Old Navy baby leather sandals 


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May 13, 2015

Just go with it



A recent trip to Ikea  with the hubs went something like this as we left the store : -Me: “babe, I looove that blue on the Ikea wall store”, -Hubs: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool”, -Me:” Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, -Hubs: “No Raquel, we are not shooting pics for the blog with that blue wall as a backdrop”, -Me: (I just gave him “the look” know the one)…5 minutes later we were in the back alley of the Ikea store and found some kick ass stairs to boot! Improptu photo shoot! Yeah baby…Sometimes, you gotta take what life throws your way and roll with it. I felt inspired at the moment and just went with it. Plus, I had to show off my new Old Navy seersucker shorts for you guys; they’re just too cute not to! (Little cub passed out from too much shopping and was sleeping in his stroller…you’ll catch him in our next post!)

Until next time…stay classy and fresh!


Old Navy shorts

Zara top (old) similar here in style here

Gap belt (old) similar here

Jessica Simpson gladiator sandals (old) similar here

Zara duffle bag (old) similar here 

Banana Republic necklace (old) similar here 

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May 9, 2015

Sriracha red for mother’s day



Red. Such a powerful color. It evokes passion and fury, lust and courage. Red is the color that binds me and my son. We are both cancerians (he was born on july 18th and I on the 13th). Our birthstone is ruby red. Needless to say, he was my birthday present. The most perfect gift I will ever receive in my life. I see my son growing and evolving every day with such passion and determination. He has a wild drive, a fire within him I feel we both share. I pray he never changes (even if he drives me crazy!!). His nature is tempestuous and I adore it.

Becoming a mother is everything I thought it would be…and nothing I ever imagined it would be. Nothing prepares you for it. Absolutely nothing. A child brings forth his own eccentricities, personality, likes…everything. He will dictate the tone and pace of how things will flow. That being said, it is our responsibility as children’s parents to instill the values we wish for them to display someday. Their nature and drive and our love and patience is the perfect combination for their success. My child has taught me this. I am forever learning from him. And I am grateful for it.

In honor of all the aforementioned, I picked this little number from Old Navy. As soon as I saw it I was drawn to it. I love how it pairs down with a subtle color like olive. Add some nude heels and I’m good to go. Of course the best accessory is my little cub in his red Britax stroller. A simple outfit to celebrate my first mother’s day with the ones I love.


I wish for all you mothers out there a very special day full of love, blessings and endless happiness.





Top: (Old Navy)

Skirt: (old, Valija Gitana) similar here

Nude heels: (old, Aldo via Piperlime) similar here 

Crossbody bag: (old, Gap), similar here

Choker: (old, H & M) similar here

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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May 8, 2015

Skincare parte Uno

FullSizeRender (9)FullSizeRender (8)


Well, it’s about that time to talk skincare. Such an important topic, dontcha think? I have been obsessed with skincare my whole life. I suffered from acne during my teens and yes, I was one of those teens who would try everything and anything to get my skin to clear out. On a certain day, my mom decided “let’s get professional help, I know how much this is affecting you” and took me to see a dermatologist. Best thing ever. I started using Differin gel and my skin was on another level. Cleared up real fast. I was in heaven. Regular visits to my derm helped me become more conscious not only of my skincare routine but my health as well. She stressed that it wasn’t just about taking good care of my skin but what I consumed as well. I started eating right and everything really changed. Lost weight and my skin was looking runway ready (bahahaha!!) All jokes aside, I am sharing some products I’ve used for some time and some new ones I’ve found to be pretty kick-ass, especially now that acne is no longer a problem..I’ve got bigger fish to fry: WRINKLES AND SAGGY SKIN..BLEHHH!!

So here goes:


Olay Anti wrinkle day cream and serum: This is truly everything. I would NEVER change this cream for another. I’ve been using Olay for as long as I can remember and what it has done for my skin is nothing short of a miracle. This lotion has refined my pores, softened my skin and when I apply my makeup it just glides on. And the smell. Heaven.

Vichy Liftactiv Nuit: Thick and creamy. This one’s for nighttime cell renewal. A little goes a long way and your skin will thank you in the morning when you wake up looking like Salma Hayek (isn’t her skin everything?!!!!)


Vichy Purete Thermale One step cleanser: I am not even going to lie: sometimes, just sometimes, I am too damn tired to do the whole “wash face, take makeup off with makeup remover and put cream on”. What’s my go to product for this unwanted laziness? This one step cleanser: It does everything. I’m not kidding when I tell you you don’t even need to put lotion afterwards (I do anyway but just so you know if you forget to, you’re covered). Really takes off everything and skin is left feeling fresh.

Neutrogena Fresh foaming cleanser: A classic. Been using it since my bachelor’s; long time ago (guess how old I am ha?!!) But seriously, another one I would never change. I’v tried even the priciest cleansers and they DO NOT come close to how this stuff leaves my skin: so clean and soft and not dry AT ALL. I will forever love thee.


Boots Botanics Age defense microdermabrasion polish: Damn you wrinkles, damn you!! Found this little miracle one day at Target and I haven’t looked back. It polishes skin like it’s nobody’s business. I do this microdermabrasion once a week and follow up with my night cream. Try it. You will look and feel like a million bucks. I guarantee it.


That’s it for now, loves. Stay classy and beautiful!


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