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June 25, 2015

Blush and gray

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I’ve been a little MIA from posting this past week, mainly because work-work has been super hectic (if only I had this blog to care to, all would be a dream..!!) and I’ve been so anxious to get back to blogging it’s been driving me crazy!

Today I am sharing with you guys my version of how to do #blush. It’s such a lovely, girly color and you could basically pair it with anything (if it’s light enough, I feel). This top is from H&M and the minute I saw it I fell in love. I’ve been using it with jeans and shorts a lot but I wanted to do something different with it. This particular tiered skirt I bought at #Marshall’s a month before becoming pregnant (and another one!) so I didn’t really get to use it until now. The combination of pale blush and pale gray is just lovely to me. Then add some rose gold and/or gold accessories and you’re all set. I could definitely see myself wearing this to work meetings. It’s a bit laid back but still office appropriate.

Hope you all have an amazing end of the week, loves!




H&M top

Marshall’s skirt(old)

Marshall’s cork heels(old)

Forever 21 bag 

Loft sunglasses 


I’ve linked some more options below that you might like for gray skirts!!!

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June 14, 2015

Life transitions

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What’s life without a good food with the ones you love…a beer never hurts either…!!!


IMG_1408 IMG_1419

We’re missing one kiddo in this pic but I know he’ll be with us sooner than soon!!!





Becoming a parent was something I had been eager to accomplish for a while. I remember I wanted to have children two weeks after having met my husband. I remember as soon as I met him, he showed me pictures of his son (he has a son from a previous marriage) and the way his face lit up whenever he spoke of his little boy melted my heart. Over the years, I was able to experience first hand the bond he had with this boy. How his world revolved around this little person, how he worked so hard day after day to provide for him. I never considered being a parent before this. My career and my studies were my life. I feel these two people (my husband and my stepson) changed that mind frame for me. I started thinking “what the hell am I working so hard for if not to provide for someone other than myself?” I wanted to feel that connection, the kind everyone always told me “once you have your kids, it changes everything, you’ll see”. It scared me but I wanted it.

Throughout our marriage, we have had many ups and downs. Job losses, inability to conceive, deaths in the family, absent parents, supportive family members, unions, births. The whole she-bang. It wasn’t until about a year ago where we really hit hard times. We were faced with the decision to stay where we were and continue to struggle financially (my husband had lost his employment) or relocate to a place we had only vacationed before. It was hard on both of us but I know it was that much harder for him: he was leaving his first born behind. I don’t know if I would’ve been as empathetic as I have been had I not had my own child. I could never bear the thought of being away from my son. It kills me to even think about it. It saddens me as well the fact that my son and his brother are apart. My stepson gave me the chance to see what I could be as a mom and he fueled my desire to bring life into this world. Even after I was told I wouldn’t be able to.

The thing about all the aforementioned is that transitions are difficult to deal with. It’s difficult to accept that sometimes we have to break away (not forever, mind you) in order to find our own place, to be able to be better, grow, mature, thrive. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t feel the need to fight change. I’ve been afraid of it for too long. And maybe it’s hindered my ability to become something better. Someone happier. I’ve been through many difficult situations in life and I feel like I’ve had to battle my way to get to where I am, personally and professionally. I don’t feel the need to do that anymore. Because of my son. Because of my stepson. Because of my family. I feel that every fear I have ever had about anything I can now use it as fuel to push forward and face whatever’s in my way, head-on. Transitional situations don’t define us: they offer us the opportunity to choose. Will we focus on what’s left behind or what is lying ahead in order to be better for ourselves and the ones we love…?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts!





Banana Republic tank top 

Forever 21 bag

Here are some other cute options for green skirts and gladiator sandals I just love!



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June 10, 2015

Wish list: Summer must haves edition

first year must haves

It’s been a while since my last post and it’s been a crazy week. It’s so hectic with work and a little baby boy I hardly have time for myself. So I do apologize for the lack of posting.

That being said, my summer has hardly started. I will be traveling for work/play in early july so  there are a couple of items I have my eye on for this summer. I’ll be going back home to Puerto Rico and the climate there is just unbearable. So I’m looking into pieces that are easy, breezy but pretty and presentable as well. We don’t want to be looking haggish, now do we?

What are your top picks for looking stylish in the summer? Do share!

Here are some pieces I have my eye on for the summer:

1. Loft Round keyhole sunglasses: just ordered these, can’t wait to get ’em in the mail before I leave!!

2. Ann Taylor striped classic trouser belt: I am a belt junkie. They can completely transform an outfit and since I am pretty curvy I love how they accentuate my waist when I wear them with skirts, particularly. This one has summer chic written all over it.

3. White house/Back market straw clutch: I mean come on…does this bag not say “summer” to you? And in the season’s color. literally goes with everything.

4. H & M patterned kimono: I am soooo happy that the whole “boho chic/ gypsy girl” look is back for this summer. To be honest, when I dress in pieces like this it’s when I feel most comfortable. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt the need and pressure to look more “cleaned” up, more professional. I’m going back to my roots with this one. It’s too cute not to.

5. Tria hair removal laser 4x: Nothing’s more unflattering than a “hairy summer” ewwww!! I have had my eye on this little gadget for a while but the hefty price has held me back. Buuuut maybe this summer will be “the” summer I pull the credit card trigger and get this little gem. I’ve heard it’s worth it. We’ll see….

6. Citrus Verbena summer fragrance: If the name alone doesn’t incite you to purchase I dunno what will. This is summer in a bottle. Never overpowering, always fresh and alluring. Always have gotten compliments on this one. And it lasts forever.


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June 2, 2015

Black and white



FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (14)

So it’s #summertime. Everyone’s doing the whole “white outfit thing” and that’s great. Me, I can’t do the “whole white outfit” thing. I am curvy as hell. I’ve tried it before. It. does. not. work. on. me. Only time I did I was 20 and had a kick ass tan ’cause I had come back from the Dominican Republic (best vacay ever in my entire life). So what does one do in a situation like mine? Add a little black and “hints” of white, just to not be a “party pooper” ’cause i’m not doing the whole “white outfit thing and it’s summer” and I’m all set.

Here, I am actually wearing a black and white striped dress from Marshall’s I had bought 3 months before becoming pregnant. I used it during my pregnancy (with leggings, of course) and it was super comfy. Now that I have lost an entire human being, weight-wise, I can finally use it without the preggo leggings (yay!) but I had this top from Target  which I am super obsessed with ( I seriously wear it everywhere) and thought “hey, throw it on top” since my booty has been acting out a bit, just to kinda appease it a bit hehehe (my booty can get a bit cray at times!).

Basically, you have to know what works for your body type. All clothing is not made for everyone. I am not Gisele (damn it!) So I put in the work and make the clothes work for me. Not the other way around.  I love working out. Always have. Now, it’s a bit harder to get at least 15 min of strength training in with the little kiddo but I get it done. Because my body needs it. My mind needs it. And I gotta get back to at least half of what I was pre-pregnancy ’cause I bought a lottta clothes I couldn’t use during that time, damn it!!!

What has worked for you post pregnancy? What are your go-to summer clothing items? Do share!!!




V-neck Tank top-Mossimo at Target

Striped dress (under v-neck): Marshall’s (sold out) similar here

Coach bag sold out (2 seasons old) similar here

Sam Edelman sandals (sold out) similar here 



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