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July 31, 2015

Talking body…

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Hi there peeps!!

This week’s post is all about ze body. I haven’t done a beauty post in a while so I figured it was time.

Well, today I’m sharing a review on some tried and true products I have purchased before but always come back to because they are just that good. I believe that well, taken care of skin is a must. I have put my skin through a lot over the years (over-exposure to the sun, salt water, chlorine-pool water) and it’s always good to pamper, even if it’s not at a spa – let’s face it, not all of us have the luxury of doing that on a regular basis. It shouldn’t be an excuse not to pamper ourselves a bit when there are really good products out there that can help us keep our skin in top shape.

For me, the best at-home pampering products are from Bliss. First off, anything you do regarding moisturizing, tanning, etc. requires the removal of dead skin cells so that any product you apply is better absorbed and distributed throughout your skin (this applies to your face as well). For my body, I have found that the Fat Girl Scrub  is just It’s super grainy, smells fantastic and a little goes a long way. This stuff lasts forever (unlike other scrubs I’ve tried). I use a little bit on both legs and then a bit more for upper body and it really distributes so well. When you rinse off the product, you have the nicest scent and really feel like you’ve lifted an entire month of dead skin off. And, afterwards, you are left with tingly, fresh skin ready to be pampered with any product your little heart desires. In this case, I will be following with Fat Girl Slim  skin firming cream. All I can say is: YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. After a pregnancy, a woman’s body changes like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve always suffered from cellulite and after my pregnancy it seriously worsened. I’ve been using this cream for about a month now and can really see a difference. But, it’s very important for me to note that I have been on a very strict diet (no sugar, high protein) and lots of weight training. I’ve always believed there are no magic potions, it’s all about making the products work for you but it’s important for you to put in the work as well. And you will see results, I promise. I would say, be consistent with using the product, on a daily basis and the results will soon be visible.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and thanks so much for stopping by.  I’ve linked some other Bliss products I can’t wait to try and if you decide to try them please share your experience below!!









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July 24, 2015

Red, red wine…

IMG_1826 IMG_1871 IMG_1870 IMG_1842 IMG_1839 IMG_1863 (1) IMG_1838 IMG_1837

IMG_1845 IMG_1860 IMG_1834

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Wowwww it’s been a while, right guys?!! Well, lemme tell ya, here goes the excuses (hehe): I was out of town (‘member I told you I had to go back home for work stuff) and my hubs – who takes my pics – wasn’t with me during the trip, so no pics. I sure did miss blogging!!! I was craving it so bad it’s crazy!

Anywho, I am back and couldn’t wait to set up an outfit with this top. My God this top! I bought it at Valija  while I was away during my trip. I love that store so much, always have, since high school. The clothes are always just right for me and you know when you find a brand that works you never let it go and just keep coming back. The color of the shirt is just right for fall and the side detail is the coolest thing I just love it. I also love the contrast it makes with a white denim skirt from Current/Elliot and black Aldo booties, almost like transitioning from summer to fall with dark and light colors together. This is a look that can go from work to play very easily. For a night out, it’s also perfect; just switch up your accessories and you’re good to go, although I like to keep things to a minimum and as simple as possible in the accessories dept.

I’m linking some similar tops and booties below so check them out!


Thanks for stopping by!!



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July 22, 2015

Baby Lucas’ first birthday weekend

IMG_1508 IMG_1511 IMG_1519 IMG_1524 (1) IMG_1535 (1)
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My baby turned one. I cannot believe I have a one year old. How is this possible? How did time fly by like this? I never would have imagined seeing this boy of mine reaching all these milestones, growing, developing, grasping all the world around him. 5 years ago, never would I have imagined I’d be blessed with so much happiness. It seemed like a distant dream, becoming a mom. I came to believe it would never happen. Yes, there came a point in time where I had lost faith. It would annoy me to see other women being pregnant and I would think “why not me? Am I not good enough? Maybe I’m better off.” The things we women allow ourselves to think regarding motherhood can be hurtful at times. It was never about any of the things I felt or thought. It was about timing. God’s timing. And no one else’s.

Fast forward to today. He is here, in my arms, healthy, happy, ever the little explorer/observer. Moody (like his momma), curious and handsome (like his daddy), strong willed… and I love it. It’s been such a beautiful journey and I know it will only get better as time goes by. I am forever greatful.


Thanks for stopping by…xoxo



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July 4, 2015

Bohemian vibes

IMG_1609 (2)


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Hello there loves!! God, I love to come and blog! I long for it all week (which is why I post at the end of the week after I’m done with work-work stuff)

Anyhoo, Happy 4th of July weekend to you all!! We don’t have any actual plans but we might end up checking out some local activities -there is so much to do here in Orlando, it’s crazy- so I will definitely keep you posted about what we finally decided to do. As you all know, our family members are back home in PR so it won’t be the same without them. I’m actually flying back home this next week there for work stuff with little Lucas but dad is staying behind because he has work. So bummed out about that.

So before I leave, I get to spend 4th of july weekend with my hubs and kiddo before mine and little Lucas’ b-day -we are both #Cancerians!- and one thing I love about this holiday is how laid back and chill it is. I’ve always had a huge love for anything #bohemian/gypsy-ish. This skirt from #Valija is an oldie but goodie.  I had been looking for a top that would compliment it and found this cute little number from Forever21 and I just fell in love. The color is right and the feel is so easy-breezy. This top will definitely be on major rotation this summer.


I hope all of you have an amazing holiday weekend. Sending you lots of good vibes…





I’ve linked some really cute, bohemian-like skirts here I absolutely love and thought you might too!


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