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August 27, 2015

Fun with Eshakti

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Hey guys!

So this time I’ve had the opportunity of trying out Eshakti’s product/services and I have to say it’s soo good! I love the concept of their business where, basically, you choose a base dress and you can modify/customize it to fit your style and taste. It’s awesome! This particular dress was pretty fun to create because on the website it’s shown as a short version with short sleeves but I wanted a longer version without sleeves because I can use it during any season with either sandals or boots and it has a little bohemian vibe, which I love.

There are so many options to choose from, from pretty patterns, styles it is perfect if you want a particular style to fit your body type (I’m very curvy, as you can probably tell) and I’m sure you’ll love what you receive in the mail as much as I did! They even have a cute selection for weddings that you must check out if you are planning yours. I sure would have loved to know about them when I was planning mine! Also the, shipping is very fast and timely. Super bonus!

If you’d like to check their stuff out click here . You’ll love what you see!

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August 13, 2015


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We all need basics, right? I love a good, simple tee, #chambray shirt and #khaki slacks. But sometimes they need a little “oomph”. Usher in red heels. Thank you. Just the right kind of sassy you need to take a basic tee and slacks to another level. It’s the kind of outfit I’d wear on a friday, to get after work cocktails. If I could get after work cocktails.

Good, simple pieces are key to any wardrobe because you can easily dress them up or down. Accessories are key for pieces like these because they can make or break your outfits. So, for me, it doesn’t matter the price of the basics (although the quality is very important). You can always find good quality things and just because they are more affordable doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheap. Be conscious of this fact when buying basics. If you find places where you can find affordable staples that are good quality, be loyal to them and never turn your back on them, hehe!


Until next time, loves…




Gap khakis  /  Gap tee   /  Nine West heels (old; similar here  ) / Jcrew chambray shirt (old; similar here )



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August 6, 2015

Black vest

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Well folks, summer’s over. Kids are going back to school and well, it’s time to start thinking “fall clothes”. It’s a sad time, indeed. Hah! No, not really. I love fall. Thinking of warmer clothing makes me super giddy (corny, I know) and just thinking about thanksgiving and christmas, well.. What can I tell ya. Fall is the best time to renew our closets and break out those pieces we’ll be using well into winter months. Usher in the little black vest!

I purchased this kick-ass vest from Banana Republic (God, I love their clothes!) a while back since I had my eye on it for a while and am so glad I did. It is super lightweight and so comfy. I can totally see myself wearing this all through fall and into winter with cute sweaters and boots. But, for now I can also rock it with lighter clothes  like a short sleeve floral shirt and  Gap cutoff denim because the material is very versatile and, again, lightweight enough for more summer-y clothes. A black vest like this one is super versatile because it can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you’re going for and you will always look pulled together, no matter what! It’s great to have pieces like this in my wardrobe that I can use to transition from season to season and give my outfits a little “pop”. This is definitely a key piece to consider adding to your wardrobe.


What are your must have pieces for fall? Do share. I am linking some other pieces you might like below.


Thanks for visiting, as always,







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