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January 30, 2016

Casual cool

gray skirt

gray skirt

gray skirt gray skirt

Geez Louise… what a week!! It’s been a roller coaster one (Lucas battling the flu, school work, work-work, rainy days) and lots of coffee to get me through! But all in all lots of lessons being learned along the way and good people surrounding me and my loved ones along with so many doors opening (professionally and personally) that I can only focus on a positive outlook for it all.

Well, back to clothing: I had bought this skirt over winter break at Marshall’s and the price literally floored me (you know how it is going to that store when you find something super cute and look at the price tag: score!). The gray on this skirt is so pretty, very light and a neutral that can easily work with literally any color palette. I opted for a hoodie on this occasion (we took Lucas to his 18 month checkup) because I wanted to keep the look very casual (this skirt can easily look very dressy) so I wanted to steer clear of that vibe.  I honestly love gray with brown or earthier tones, for that matter, because for some reason they help a look seem more polished, even when they are paired down with an item like a hoodie. And me and leopard, well…you know it’s sort of a love story..haha!

Well guys, that’s all she wrote for now.



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January 22, 2016

Style trend: Dresses over jeans (together!)

black dress and jeans black dress and jeans (2) black dress and jeans (3) black dress and jeans (4) black dress and jeans (5) black dress and jeans (6) black dress and jeans (7) black dress and jeans (8)


Hey guys! Hope you’ve had and amazing week so far. I know I have! Well, there have been so many trends lately that I’ve been dying to try but one of them is the infamous ‘dresses over jeans’ one. I was reading my #Instyle mag the other day and this girl had on this button front long dress (worn as a vest… i die!) with jeans and boots and I just thought “I have to put my spin on this one”. Well, just to be on the safe side, I went with a trusty LBD but I decided to add one of my favorite sheer shirts (old; linking similar below) underneath because I thought i’d soften the whole black look a bit and make it a tad more romantic…ish hehe. I’ve had this dress for a year (linking similar below) and have worn it twice but I think I can most certainly get more mileage from it now because it’s very blouse-y and can easily pass off as some sort of flouncy top. I feel like this look can transition easily from work to cocktails on a friday -amiright?- because of the patent flats and belt.

What trends are you guys dying to try? I may take some more for a spin…so stay tuned!



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January 14, 2016

Bomber cardigan

Bomber cardigan
Bomber cardigan Bomber cardigan Bomber cardigan bomber jacket
bomber jacket
Bomber cardigan Bomber cardigan

Isn’t fashion amazing? I love the fact that no matter how time changes and generations evolve, clothing has a way to reinvent itself from what has already been done. I can always go back to my closet and pull out staples I had from years ago and I can completely transform an outfit and make it fresh and “of the moment”.

Case in point: this bomber cardigan. I’ve had it for a while and it never gets old. But the funny thing is bomber jackets are all over the place (cue Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner runway-walking casually through your mind hehe) so I am really happy I never threw this piece away. And lemme tell you: it’s one of the coziest pieces I own for colder months. The versatility of a bomber jacket or cardigan is that you can totally dress it up or down so it’s a staple piece that you can take with you if you’re traveling and rely on it to give your outfit a little spin. The colors on this particular one are cream and gray and I love pairing gray with mustard and denim, it looks so chic, in my opinion. And yes, I am enjoying a little cold weather (although Lucas hasn’t been feeling too hot due to the weather changes, poor angel) and am reveling in pulling out my jackets and sweaters… and possibly purchasing new ones..ha…ooopsss!

I’ve linked a couple of styles you may like below.

Have a great week errbody,


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January 8, 2016

Shopping the little girls’ department

Leopard print sweater Leopard print sweater Leopard print sweater Leopard print sweater Leopard print sweater Leopard print sweater

Leopard print sweater

Well guys, it’s finally chilly here in Orlando!!! The ‘broken record’ that resides within me will be taking a small break regarding weather-related complaints so a sigh* of relief is much overdue, ha! Ok, well during xmas break, I did a little shopping (didn’t we all) for cozy, warm clothing and to be frank, I was underwhelmed. Everything was so blah and boring and nothing really was up to par with my excitement to wear cold weather clothing..until I hovered over to the girls’ department and found the cutest leopard sweater just calling my name. I swear to God, this is something I used to do so much when I was younger *ahem*, just shop my little butt off in the girls’ department whenever I would find nothing in the Ladies department, or grown-up land, if you must. So I want to share some tips I have garnered when shopping kids clothes for yourself (be it the boys’ or girls’ department).

  1. Consider the occasion you are shopping for. If you are looking for pieces to wear for work, it goes without saying to always look for prints that are not so obviously “kiddie” material. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun piece to spruce up a girl’s night out, the girls’ department is the best place to find cute glitter tops in pretty pastel colors you can combine with jeans and rockin’ pumps.
  2. Consider the cut: always, always try your clothes before buying. Many a times I have purchased a size ‘large’ top only to come home and have a snug fit in my arm area which is so not cute. Try before you buy.
  3. Some girl dresses can pass off as cute tops! If they are flowy, you can pair them with jeans or shorts (depending on the weather) and no one will ever know it’s a little girl’s dress (unless you wear it to a kid’s bday party and some other 7 year is rocking it, too. Turn around and leave..ha!)
  4. Check accessories too! Some headpieces like barrettes and hoodies, and other pieces like socks and belts can be a fun addition to your wardrobe when it needs a little life.
  5. Some skirts can also pass as cute tops! This is something my girlfriends and I used to do so much back in the day. The trick is to look for those skirts that are stretchy (think cotton and spandex at the top) and you can wear them belted (if the skirt is long), under a cute jacket or just by itself, with jeans or shorts.
  6. In the boys’ department, the cutest and best fitting shirts are to be found here. The colors and prints are always so dapper and polished and they always fit and flatter a woman’s body just right (in my opinion).
  7. Boys’ accessories are always good too (cute backpacks in muted colors, newsboy caps, even little bowties!).

Try looking in these departments when you can’t find anything in our grown-up world department. You’ll be surprised at all the fun stuff you’ll find to spruce your wardrobe up!



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January 1, 2016

Starting anew

happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016

It’s been an amazing year. One filled with many a challenge and difficult situation but we made it through. Being away from our families has been the hardest thing we’ve ever faced but sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to grow and reach for the things we aspire to become.

I’ve went through a lot of personal situations during this year. I’ve learned to accept many particularities about many people I care about for the sake of focusing on the bigger picture. I’ve learned that I’m not the easiest person to deal with myself and I’m working on bettering my eccentricities for the good of 1)myself, 2)my son, 3)my husband and 4)family and friends. It’s hard to accept that which sometimes we don’t want to see but in the end it is essential if we truly want to grow and be instruments for those around us. I am aware of the things I need to leave behind and you can trust and believe that little by little I will evolve into the person my son and family need and deserve for me to be.

It’s funny because the other day, I was telling my husband how when I was pregnant with Lucas, I used to play a song by the Mexican band Mana called “Cachito” which in english translates into “ray of light”. Flash forward a year later and I am searching for a name for my blog and among the many cheesy options I had in mind, “Little ray of light” came to mind. This was not planned at all. I was telling my husband how ironic it was for me to have come up with this name for my blog, an ode to my son and how his arrival inspired me to go after so many dreams, projects, ideas…you name it. I chose this dress to welcome the new year for two reasons: I had bought it for his christening and since we moved to the States and hadn’t been able to christen him the dress was brand new with it’s tags still so you now how the saying goes “something new to welcome the new year”. And how appropriate that the dress’s color is a true “ray of light” yellow. I am definitely and believer of signs and these are all pointing towards the beginning of a wonderful new year.

Hope you all have an amazing one,



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