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March 28, 2016

Park days


park days (9)

pastel jeans park days

park days

Park days are the absolute best. We spent Easter Day strolling around downtown and Lake Eola park, people and animal watching and let me tell you the heat was practically unbearable. Well, it was more humid than anything else (it’s been raining and cloudy down here in Orlando) so it was more sticky hot which is basically the worst kind of heat, in my opinion. We love just walking around and meeting other families and Lucas being able to interact with other lil ones, it’s just the cutest thing.

We woke up pretty early, thanks to lil Lucas and we had set up his little Easter basket for him to find the night before. As soon as he found it, he was so excited. We filled it with fruity candy because if we give him chocolate it literally sends him flying and a super-duper hyper toddler is really not that cute, ha! We decided to gift him a Thomas the Tank engine toy (Toby, to be exact) because he is just obsessed with these toys and he is building his little collection. And yes, as you can see we got him a little backpack harness for walking around and it is the best thing because he doesn’t stray away from me when we walk around which, as you can imagine is not that fun run around a lil toddler all over the place, knocking things everywhere, yeah the whole package. He almost ran into the park lake had he not had this thing strapped on! But all in all, he had the best time just walking around and meeting people, the little social butterfly he is, I can’t even.

Hope you all had a great Easter, guys!


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March 21, 2016

White flared jeans

white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim
white flared denim

white flared denim

I’m gonna be as frank as I can be: I loved the chilly weather we got down here in Orlando (for like 2 weeks, tops), but I was secretly hoping it would get warmer just so I could wear my most beloved pair of jeans : white with a huge flare. I bought these jeans ages ago from the Gap (similar here) and I can attest to why Gap is the shiznit when it comes to denim. These babies have stood the test of time and, one pregnancy and funked up body later, they still fit like it was the very first time. I wear these babies and it is instant chic-ness, I can’t even. Even with a simple, mustard-yellow tee , adding the right accessories these jeans give me that “own the room” status every girl secretly craves. To me, this outfit is the epitome of laid-back, easy-breezy and polished. Perfect for transitioning into summer.

On another note, sooo excited for Easter! Omg, we took Lucas for his pics with the Easter bunny and they turned out so darned cute I can’t even deal. It was the funniest thing because I was absolutely stressing out, looking at all the other kids and how they were being so good about taking their pics with the bunny (seriously, not one of them cried) and thinking “Omg I hope Lucas doesn’t totally ball out when we sit him down when his turn comes up”. But that kid is something else. The guy taking the pics started making him laugh and he was just the little charmer, sat down next to the bunny and smiled with his sweet little grin, I almost balled out myself #proudmommamoment!

So I hope all you mommas (and poppas) are getting those Easter baskets ready for your little bunnies and wishing you all a great week!



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March 15, 2016

Spring florals

spring floral print (2) spring floral print (3) spring floral print (4) spring floral print (5)
Spring floral print

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”…If you loooove fashion, you know that one by heart. So yeah, florals for spring. And pastels. I love it all. It’s time to soften up my color palette and I am soooo in love with this color combo I can’t even deal.  This Old Navy blouse has been giving me major life because of it’s billowy flow and effortlessness, perfect for light weather. And of course those shorts you can’t live without that are sure to be a summer staple you can pair with just about any damn thing. This outfit lets me live out my utter desire to attend all those fabulous music festivals (*ahem*Coachella *ahem*) that will be making their way via my Instagram feed so I am living my fantasy vicariously through my clothes since I can’t physically attend said festivities…for now, ha!

So, funny story (not really funny, though) : we had gotten a new camera lens (we shoot with a Nikon J1, no DSLR as of yet, can’t seem to part ways with this one since my dad gifted it to me) and just as we’re getting ready to shoot, the camera wouldn’t recognize the damn lens. so now to wait for a new lens alll over again. Anywho, the show must go on and these little set backs are just crumbs on the floor, right?

Hope you all have a rockin’ week,



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March 9, 2016

Mixing prints


mixed prints (5)mixed prints (4)mixed prints (3)mixed prints (6)mixed prints (7)

Hey guys! A new week is upon us with lots to do. Spring is in the air and I am so in the mood for fresh takes on my wardrobe I honestly can’t wait to share with you all. I am loving mixing prints – it’s a trend that’s been going on for a while now but I hadn’t come around to trying it – because I think it gives my spring wardrobe a little “refresh”, where I can take old pieces (like this dress I am wearing, similar below) and throw a classic striped tee over and make it completely “of the moment”. If you are new to the whole mixing prints thing, here are a couple of tips I want to share that have worked for me:

  1. Stick to earth or neutral colors i.e. pair greens with browns, grays with blush or pastels and keep strong colors as focal points to integrate everything together.
  2. Accessories help ground the look. Find a bag to tie the whole look together, whether it be of a similar color in your outfit or a neutral color. Gold, silver or rose gold jewelry will work best so not to distract too much from everything else and the whole look is not competing with itself.
  3. Be mindful of your body type. It goes without saying: not everyone has that Kendall Jenner silhouette, so if your like me (wiiide hips and smaller shoulders) try to balance the prints where it ‘softens’ your assets and not magnifies them i.e. if you have wide hips don’t wear stripes in this area, the busier print should be worn here in a cut that works with your silhouette and not against it (a-line cuts for wide hips, fitted cuts for straight body types).
  4. In my experience, the easiest prints to pair are stripes and polka dots. Both blend fantastically with florals, which for spring are a definite must prints.
  5. Attitude is everything. If you’re not feeling your look or are unsure of how it looks, it will show. Always be confident in your choice of prints because this is the key ingredient to making it look fabulous. When you exude confidence in your choices, that’s where you really shine!

Hope you rock those prints like a boss lady!



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March 4, 2016

Spring Wish List

spring wish list

Hey guys! Here are a few items I am longing for this spring. I’m really longing for lighter colors, pastels, workout gear and anything light and airy. Hope you’re all having an amazing week.

1. Oribe Wave spray // 2. BaubleBar tassel earrings  // 3. Line & Dot dress // 4. Topshop sandals //5. Essie nail polish //6. Boots facial oil //

7. Nasty Gal shades  // 8. Steve Madden snapback  //9. Nike sports bra 

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