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July 26, 2016

Vacay Style

Vacay style halter top (6)Vacay style halter top (7)Vacay style halter top (5) Vacay style halter top (4) Vacay style halter top (3) Vacay style halter top Vacay style halter top (2)

Hey guys! Hope your weeks are going off to a great start! This summer has been a memorable one and I’m reveling in how much fun me and my fam bam have had – despite the intense heat here in Florida.

Well, we’ve managed to do a few stay-cations at some really great places -seriously, there is no better place to live than Orlando!- because there is literally always something to do on the weekends. On one of our little getaways, I was able to pack a bit lighter than usual thanks to this super cute halter top from Vacay  which is one of the most flattering tops I’ve ever owned.  I managed to mix and match it with other pieces I already own and it was great not having to lug around so much clothing like I usually do. The material is super soft (seriously feels like butter on your skin), very lightweight and breezy and the best part? Endless possibilities for mixing and matching with other pieces you may have in your wardrobe already. This top is super functional to transition from day to night, work to cocktails, running errands to dinner, anything goes. And if your traveling, it’s just a gem.

Vacay style is truly an amazing brand that I have come to fall in love with because their pieces are functional and easygoing for the everyday woman. You don’t have to be a jetsetter to wear their pieces; it’s all about looking put together, chic and effortless wherever you go with quality clothing you don’t have to worry about wrinkling or looking less than presentable. As a mom, I want to be able to have clothes in my wardrobe I can count on to wear at a moment’s notice that are easy to mix and match but also allow me to look polished without trying to hard. This brand has completely thought of these particular points when they created their pieces and I couldn’t be more in love with it. I mean I live for my yoga pants but sometimes momma wants a bit more polish, amiright?!

If you’d like to try pieces from any of their collections, use code “SC15” for 15% off your order. Trust me when I say that you will love it as much as I do!

‘Til next time,


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July 19, 2016

Black and white

black and white black and white (2) black and white (3) black and white (4)

Sometimes it’s good to just take it back to good ole basic colors. And what’s better than a black and white outfit? No complications, no fussiness, nothing over the top. Simple and clean. And yet, for some reason, a simple black and white outfit, worn with simple accessories, make me feel so chic and pulled together.

I got this top a while back and automatically thought “black jeans”, no other would do. I’m loving the fit of this top because it’s so light and perfect for this Orlando heat – it seriously is unbearable, I barely managed to keep my jeans on for the rest of the day, ha! Now that fall is approaching, I am loving this outfit with a denim jacket or cashmere cardigan worn over it. Since it doesn’t get cold down here too fast, either of these will do until colder weather really kicks in, if any, ha!

Have an awesome week!


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July 12, 2016

weekend getaway

weekend getaway weekend getaway (2)weekend getaway (10) weekend getaway (3) weekend getaway (4) weekend getaway (5) weekend getaway (8)weekend getaway (9)weekend getaway (6) weekend getaway (7)

Hey guys! Hope your weekends went well and you all had loads of fun and relaxation with your loved ones. If you follow me on Insta, you may very well know we got away for a bit this weekend with our momma (my mother in law in tow) and wanted to take the opportunity to get away with her to somewhere fun.

We decided to stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort for the weekend and boy was it an awesome stay! This is one of the few hotels over at Universal Studios here in Orlando and the concept of the hotel is so cute – 50’s theme – that I absolutely fell in love with it. There are two pools- which Lucas was crazy about- a splash pad, bowling alley, a restaurant, the cutest bar I’ve seen in my life, dining hall, sand for the kids to play, fire pits..I mean these people thought of everything. Initially, we had decided to head out to the City Walk to eat (which is where all of Universal’s restaurants are located) but then we saw all the amenities in the hotel and decided to just chill and hang around because there was always something to do. At night, the hubs and I went for drinks (Lord yes!!!) and just chilled and relaxed at the pool terrace which was so perfect for a rainy summer night. During the day, we relaxed and played at the pools and splash pad and I was super stocked to wear my new bathing suit, since I haven’t worn a one piece since I was like 7, ha! But this one was tots cute and perfect for my mom-bod -yes that’s a term.  This is definitely a vacationer’s dream resort stay, especially with kids, where options are always welcome and necessary to keep them entertained. Our only complaint would be the limited parking space available for hotel guests, as we had to step out to go check on our dog at night and when we returned spent about 30 minutes looking for parking space. No bueno.

All in all, we seriously can’t wait to go back (ahem, let’s do it soon, babe)

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July 5, 2016

Blue boho dress ft. SheIn

SheIn Blue boho dress (2) SheIn Blue boho dress (3) SheIn blue boho dress (7)
SheIn Blue boho dress (4) SheIn Blue boho dress (5) SheIn Blue boho dress (6)

What is it about a lightweight maxi dress that is so enticing for summer days and evenings? Putting one on makes me feel like a goddess, more so than any other piece of clothing and, with the right accessories- preferably kept to a minimum- they can be just the right amount of polished perfection I may very well need to spend a summer day.

This  Shein maxi dress is just that dress for me. For summer, there is nothing chicer than wearing a flowy, lightweight and airy dress and this one is perfect for the woman who wishes to transition from day to night with the slightest ease with her wardrobe. This dress can be worn with flats (as I have, pictured here) but will look amazing with chic platform sandals or wedges for a date night or dinner with friends. The material and print are perfect for virtually any occasion (summer wedding, graduation, dinner party, even running errands!). I couldn’t be more in love with this dress and love getting compliments when I wear it. It safe to say this may very well be my favorite piece of clothing this summer.



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July 1, 2016


schwartzkopf product review (2) schwartzkopf product reviewschwartzkopf product review (4)schwarzkopf product review

So many of you know about my hair struggles (thinning hair, bald spots due to breastfeeding, hair loss) but so many other issues arise in the hair department after giving birth that I have already lost count.

I was sent a couple of products a few days back by the Schwarzkopf team and they literally could not have come at a better time. I have had a long battle with frizz and unruly hair for the past two years and it had been driving me crazy. I usually get keratin shots done but after a while hair gets a bit fried from the procedure and the products you use to maintain the procedure are of utmost importance. Schwarzkopf 11-in1 Omega repair is a Godsend! I have used it twice since getting it and my hair feels like silk. The product smells like heaven and it penetrates the hair so quickly that it was a breeze to brush for untangling damp hair. I always blowout my hair after washing it and lately it was a struggle to get the brush through my hair. After applying it to my damp hair, the brush literally glided through and the feel of my hair was just on another level. I am absolutely in LOVE with this product and can’t do without it. I usually use a hot iron after I blow dry my hair to control frizz but this time there was no need because the product controlled it immediately. And the shine is unbelievable. This product is a must.

The other product I used was the Biotin Volume. Now, normally I would not use volume building products since my hair is very thick and builds up very easily but lately it has been the other way around, looking very limp and dull and I thought maybe giving it a little “oomph” wouldn’t hurt. Boy, was I right with this product. The powder is lightly dusted, after sectioning hair, at the roots. After, I just tossed my hair and flipped it up and down a couple of times and the volume was amazing. My hair wasn’t left feeling powdery or clumpy, simply the right amount of volume. I love that it also acts as a sort of dry shampoo and kind of sucks up the oiliness in the scalp – which I loathe, having very oily hair- and hair is left feeling clean, fresh and smelling amazing.

If your looking to shake up your hair routine, give these products a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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