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December 30, 2016

as the year ends…

Pictures by : Abby Cox

Hey guys!

Well, here we are: another year has passed and we’re all ready to welcome the next one. At least I am.

I must say it has been quite a rollercoaster of a year for my family and I, many ups and downs, expectations that weren’t fulfilled but looking back at the things that didn’t come into fruition I am thankful for them not having made it into my life because of three reasons: a) I wasn’t ready for them, b) God had something better for me or c) i was being kept from something that would’ve potentially harmed me or my family.

A couple of years ago, during one of my birthdays, my husband and I went for dinner in Old San Juan and a man on the streets approached me and asked if he could read my tarot cards for me. I was kind of skeptical but nonetheless I obliged and said yes. A lot of things he told me I already knew but many I just thought “yeah right, none of that’s gonna happen”. But, one thing I distinctly remember him saying to me was this: “a lot of things in your life are going to happen that you will feel like you don’t deserve or that opportunities have passed you by or that you won’t get a second chance but in the long run you will see that what didn’t play out the way you wanted will come back as a second chance even better than your expectations were initially. In your heart, you will see and understand why it played out the way it did.” Flash forward 5 years later and everything he said has come to be just like he said. Lots of disappointments but within them many hidden blessings.

I share this story with you because I am not much of a planner. Whenever I try to force something or give it too much structure, it feels constricted and immediately it falls apart. A lot of things I have accomplished because I have taught myself to believe that when you want something badly enough, your faith and courage will lead you to where you need to be. I’ve learned to be guided by my dreams which are enough for me to fuel a fire strong enough to work for a certain goal. I have worked hard for the things I have accomplished with no grandiose expectations, just my heart and intuition leading me along the way. I have failed A LOT OF TIMES, cried and asked “why not me?, why not now? it’s not fair”. But then I say to myself “get yourself together and get back up. There’s something better. Go get it.” And 10/10 times there always is. 10/10 times what I gained in my loss was far better than what I could’ve ever imagined. I suppose this is what that man was trying to tell me. Every dream you have will come to be because of the faith you have in yourself to achieve them. No amount of planning will take you as far as the confidence you have in yourself to believe you are worthy of that dream.

This new year will be no different. I have no concrete plans. My only plan is to continue working my ass off for the things I love and for those I love. I will continue to grow and make mistakes, learn from them,  while paying attention and focus to the things that I know will take me where I need to go. My plan is to believe in my damn self now more than ever and have faith in God’s plan for me. It will be an amazing year. I declare it.

I wish you all many blessings and a prosperous new 2017,


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December 25, 2016


Hey Guys!

I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve been here so my apologies but the holidays and work have been so crazy that I have barely had time to comb my hair. No joke.

I hope you guys have had an amazing holiday and christmas day with the ones you love. We are just being super lazy, lounging and assembling christmas toys for lil Lucas (no, we didn’t do it ahead of time, don’t even go there) and will be going to Mass later in the evening. Vacation time is much needed right now, even if it is for a week!

Merry christmas and best wishes to you all,


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December 8, 2016

outings with my boys

outings with my boysoutings with my boysoutings with my boysoutings with my boysoutings with my boysoutings with my boys

The men in my life. How I love them so! I honestly feel like the luckiest girl to have them and wonder how I ever got so lucky. I live for downtime when I get to just get away with them and have our little outings even if we don’t go anywhere too far it doesn’t even matter. Lucas is a total homebody anyway and I would not be exaggerating if I told you at times he literally loathes going out. As long as we are around, he is so happy and doesn’t even need to leave our apartment. But when he does, boy does the kid have fun! He is ever the little social butterfly and will go hug every pretty girl he sees – the kid’s got good taste, I’ll tell you that much, ha!! These pics were taken a little over two weeks ago while we did a little xmas shopping and it was a little colder so that’s why you see me – finally! – rockin’ my tall boots and sweater (Zara-sold out). Right now it’s hot af AGAIN but regardless, keeping my hopes up for chillier weather in the weeks to come.

Hope you guys have an amazing rest of your weeks,


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