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May 30, 2017

Easy breezy for summer

Summer’s here, people, and my wardrobe couldn’t be happier. I’ve been craving easy, breezy pieces for the longest time and this summer’s looks are not disappointing at all! I found the cutest top from Valija a while back and I am sooo loving everything from their collection lately. I’ve been wearing this brand since my early teens and they never, ever let me down. I wore this outfit for my first date EVER with my hubs after having had Lucas and I seriously felt like a million bucks (which is hard to achieve these days with Cheerios stuck in my hair every now and then ha!). I threw in some cute espadrilles  and they honestly are THE shoes for the summer- comfy and chic.


Hope your summer wardrobe’s are on point, ladies. Until next time,


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May 11, 2017

Off the shoulder pink top ft. Shein

Ok, so let’s get a little cliché and talk about pink tops because A)it’s late at night and I can’t do anything else but procrastinate from all the other shit I need to get done and b)i’m digging all things pink. You have to understand I rarely wear this color but, lately, it’s just been a color I’ve been drawn to, mainly because I’ve finally learned/figured out how to pair it with items that don’t make me look like a Pepto Bismol bottle (which can happen very easily, trust me.)

This particular top from Shein seemed like a deviation from what I would normally wear but nevertheless I decided to take the plunge and purchase it- even if I did end up looking like a colostomy bag. Which I probably did. But I enjoyed it. At least my hubs said I looked pretty so there’s that. Little gold touches and simple black jeans kept things un-fussy, just how I like it. Too much fuss is no bueno.

There you have it peeps. We’ll see what other crazy shit I come up with on the next post.



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May 3, 2017

Floral mesh top ft. Shein


Seriously people: wtf is this Florida heat wave we’ve been hit with?!!! Good God it hasn’t rained IN A MONTH and i’m just about ready to jet off to the northern part of the states if this continues!

Anyhoo, that being said, lightweight and comfortable clothing are keeping me alive – and sane – through this entire ordeal and I recently found THE cutest damn top for looking oh-so-chic and put together. I honestly can’t tell you how much I loathe tight clothing (unless it’s athletic wear) so anything light and breezy for me during hot weather is a must. And of course, running around with a flirty and energetic toddler boy is such a delight that I need to look not like a hazard so this top helps in that department as well.

I’ll catch you all laterzzzzz,


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