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August 1, 2017

from summer to fall

black boho dressblack boho dressblack boho dressblack boho dress

When I was in college (bachelor’s, specifically), I had a hard time transitioning my wardrobes from summer to fall/winter, mainly because I grew up in the tropics and, as you can only imagine, we don’t go through seasonal changes in the tropics because it is ALWAYS  hot. So, being an island girl away for college in Pennsylvania and transitioning from hot weather to cooler temperatures forced me to be a little creative with my clothes. I am a bohemian at heart (I’ve mentioned this so many times by now) and I love a pretty, flowy dress that can easily go from warm weather to a cooler one. For me, they are the perfect way to dress up or down, accessorize and even wear as tops when you really want to get creative and the weather has really cooled down. I found this gem the other day for only $17.00 and my heart nearly had a stroke! Evidently – and as you know by now – I live in Florida and you’d think it doesn’t get to cold here but 50 degrees is enough to send your girl begging the weather Gods for mercy. So this dress is perfect for that summer to fall change, adding some neutral colored booties (as I have done here) and then when it gets a bit chillier, some brown, over-the-knee boots. I may even layer this dress over a long sleeve tee for work and my denim jacket. It’s seriously the perfect fall transition dress.

Catch you all later,


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