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October 29, 2017


A sunday at home is pure bliss for my family and I. We mainly just like lounging around and tidying up, given that our weeks are pretty hectic and have very little desire to do anything but eat and rest after a long work or school day. So when it comes to home decor, I definitely appreciate a clean palette with a splash of color here or there that is easy on the eyes – fresh and inviting – nice to look at and unfussy, just like a slow sunday.

I recently found Modern Map Art who specialize in all kinds of cool, unfussy prints for the modern home and a millennial take on maps which I can definitely get with. You can request for them to create a cool print of your favorite city, country you may have visited, hometown, really the possibilities are endless and beyond chic. The ordering process is effortless and you receive the product in a week or less. I absolutely invite you to check out their inventory as I am sure you’ll fall in love with everything they have in stock and will more than likely find something you’ll find for yourself or a gift for that special someone.

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