June 26, 2017

Black jumpsuit


Let me be wholeheartedly frank: a few months ago, I laughed at the idea of owning a jumpsuit. “So infantile”, I argued. I would NEVER  be caught dead in one. And then life has a way of rubbing things in your face that you just immediately have to say “bless it”. Because, honestly, that’s what came to mind when I found this halter jumpsuit  and my world was turned upside down – cue the dramatic music. It’s literally and honest to God just like wearing pijamas in broad daylight- that’s how comfy this piece is. And mind you, it was a thousand degrees when I wore it and I still felt so damn comfortable that I only wished they had it in more colors ’cause I for sure would purchase them. I think I may just have changed my mind about jumpsuits and will probably be purchasing a few more for the summer if they promise to be this comfy and versatile.

What’s your favorite piece for the summer months? Do tell…




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June 19, 2017

Worth more than you think…

It’s no mystery that we are constantly bombarded with information, images or situations that leave us feeling depleted-emotionally, mentally and oftentimes, physically. I, for one, have been many a times in a place where I feel completely dubious of my self worth which leads me to question myself to the point where I begin to falter. As you may imagine, the end result is never what I set out achieve in the first place. Incidentally, I have experienced feelings where I say to myself “maybe you are not worthy of achieving this”.

Faulty thinking has the ability to immediately side track us and place us in situations where we will feel uncomfortable and hesitant to continue our journeys, hopes and dreams. As a mental health professional I know this too well but I am not exempt of experiencing it as well. It is even more difficult when you come from a place where this type of thinking was continual.

Beyond what my academic background has allowed me to gain, not only for those I help but for myself as well, resilience has been the keystone to unlocking my hidden potentials and breaking down mental barriers that would have potentially precluded my attempts at any goal I set out for myself. Yes, I’ve been that girl who has fallen, failed miserably, quit. All the while being the girl who played Lauryn Hill”s “That thing” over and over again while singing “don’t be a hard rock when you really are A GEM, babygirl”. I am worthy. I decide. Period.

I hope wherever you are, whoever you may be, these words reach you. I know what being “in that place” is. Know that you deserve the world and nothing less. You are worthier than you think.





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June 12, 2017

summer neutrals


If there’s one piece of advice I would give to any new mom – or woman in general, for that matter – is don’t fuss or complicate your wardrobe and go with simple pieces you can rotate year round. In the summer, particularly, neutrals are just as essential as Thomas the Tank Engine movies are for long road trips. Currently, I am craving any and all whites, creams paired with gold, and yellowish color variations. Sprinkle on some blue (denim hues work wonders) and you are seriously all set for summer. I’m not the tannest girl in the world- ok I could pass for  Casper the Friendly Ghost’s twin- and this color combination still manages to look effortless and put together against my skin tone. I simply can’t get enough. This top is simply perfection and obviously will pair well  with anything. I’ve linked similar skirts below since this one is an oldie.


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May 30, 2017

Easy breezy for summer

Summer’s here, people, and my wardrobe couldn’t be happier. I’ve been craving easy, breezy pieces for the longest time and this summer’s looks are not disappointing at all! I found the cutest top from Valija a while back and I am sooo loving everything from their collection lately. I’ve been wearing this brand since my early teens and they never, ever let me down. I wore this outfit for my first date EVER with my hubs after having had Lucas and I seriously felt like a million bucks (which is hard to achieve these days with Cheerios stuck in my hair every now and then ha!). I threw in some cute espadrilles  and they honestly are THE shoes for the summer- comfy and chic.


Hope your summer wardrobe’s are on point, ladies. Until next time,


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May 11, 2017

Off the shoulder pink top ft. Shein

Ok, so let’s get a little cliché and talk about pink tops because A)it’s late at night and I can’t do anything else but procrastinate from all the other shit I need to get done and b)i’m digging all things pink. You have to understand I rarely wear this color but, lately, it’s just been a color I’ve been drawn to, mainly because I’ve finally learned/figured out how to pair it with items that don’t make me look like a Pepto Bismol bottle (which can happen very easily, trust me.)

This particular top from Shein seemed like a deviation from what I would normally wear but nevertheless I decided to take the plunge and purchase it- even if I did end up looking like a colostomy bag. Which I probably did. But I enjoyed it. At least my hubs said I looked pretty so there’s that. Little gold touches and simple black jeans kept things un-fussy, just how I like it. Too much fuss is no bueno.

There you have it peeps. We’ll see what other crazy shit I come up with on the next post.



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May 3, 2017

Floral mesh top ft. Shein


Seriously people: wtf is this Florida heat wave we’ve been hit with?!!! Good God it hasn’t rained IN A MONTH and i’m just about ready to jet off to the northern part of the states if this continues!

Anyhoo, that being said, lightweight and comfortable clothing are keeping me alive – and sane – through this entire ordeal and I recently found THE cutest damn top for looking oh-so-chic and put together. I honestly can’t tell you how much I loathe tight clothing (unless it’s athletic wear) so anything light and breezy for me during hot weather is a must. And of course, running around with a flirty and energetic toddler boy is such a delight that I need to look not like a hazard so this top helps in that department as well.

I’ll catch you all laterzzzzz,


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April 12, 2017

Bell sleeves, culottes and other stories…

What’s up, my people?? Been a while, eh? Well you know, Life! Hope you’re all doing amazingly well as we speak. So lately, you may have noticed I’ve garnered a penchant for bell sleeves and, can you blame me? They are simply everywhere and, in my opinion, that much chicer than the off-the shoulder trend we saw a few months back. The way the sleeve just glides as you walk is simply so fab and I’m just living for it. I decided to pair this super sweet top with some denim culottes (my hubs hates them but IDGAF) and my favorite, oh-so-comfy mules .

It’s a good thing I was comfortable because as we were strolling around Disney’s Boardwalk Garden, my son, apparently sick and tired of the whole potty training process, decided to take matters into his own hands and drop the hugest “load” in toddler history, moments before we were leaving for dinner. The following events will not be discussed here but let’s just say he didn’t “keep it cute”.

Anyhoo, I was glad that after that stressful event, my outfit was still looking presentable and I was comfortable enough to juggle it all with my head held high. Proud mom moment. You can send my award any day now, Ellen.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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March 27, 2017

Staying true to you…

“Keeping things real” is sometimes easier said than done, amiright? Social media nowadays has pushed us to a point where “fake it ’till you make it” becomes so entangled with reality that it literally obliterates any chance for us to show our true colors and, what’s worse, we start to believe we really don’t want to. Staying true to what drives us and who we really are is often times harder than we think but, a bit of effort on our parts and sometimes, even, a push in the right direction from life itself, will aid greatly.

For me, it really has been about trial and error. Through Instagram, I have come to realize who my audience really is (a very eclectic mix of fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion mommy bloggers and …my family ha!). And so, over the past two years I’ve come to realize that there are certain things  about me that appeal more to those who engage with me and that I really shouldn’t shy away from them.

For one thing I am as sarcastic and foul mouthed as can be and this is something I’ve tried to hide so much about myself but over the past few months I said to hell with it: this is who I am and why should I not show myself just as it is. Some people may not like it but honestly I am not for everybody. And that’s ok. I come from an upbringing where my mom would curse like crazy and my dad didn’t like it one bit. So there was a disjunctive about how I was supposed to behave and how I really wanted to express myself.

Another thing I’ve been focusing on is If I feel like sharing my thoughts on a particular subject, I don’t want to hold back on posting my views on a particular subject. A LOT of people might feel “offended” or “disagree” or their “douche-y” personalities might come through but I can’t let those things deter me from having a voice. This is a space where I can feel free to say what I want, in the most respectful and diplomatic way possible and so it is what I aim for.

It is a tricky journey, capturing your true self in front of a world of people that don’t know absolutely anything about you but are constantly judging your life based on a damn picture, regardless of the caption you use or however best you try to explain yourself through your Instagram stories. Go figure. You can’t always win with everyone but you can win with yourself. And that is good enough.

Until we meet again,


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March 14, 2017

Palm Beachin’ it…

Hey peeps!

Hot damn! It’s been a minute, huh? Well, what can I say? I’m a busy working gal with a fiery toddler to boot and this whole “juggling time to the best of my abilities”thing ain’t easy. I don’t care who says “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce”, girlfriend has a whole damn entourage to keep her sane, so no, she doesn’t do it all on her own, so no: we don’t have the same hours. She obviously has many more than the rest of us! ha…

Anyhoo, besides my super busy lifestyle and lack of hours to spare in the day for leisurely things, I AM on spring break as we speak, so the hubs and I decided it was about damn time we did a little “escapade” (yes, with our son in tow!), and hit the pedal to the metal out of Orlando for a day. We settled on Palm Beach, one of the quintessential southernmost cities in Florida because, honestly, everyone raves about how beautiful it is and let me tell you: they aren’t lying. The vibe is very chic and posh and the architecture is beyond breathtaking: spanish with a hint of art deco. Perfection. There are cute little corners and hidden passages all along the town and the gem of it all is finding your way down at the beach. Of course, some people may disagree with me on that one and say the stores on Worth Avenue are the real gems but that may be the case when I can actually afford to go into a Chanel store and actually purchase at least a key chain. I must say, when we first got there, we felt a bit out of place because we were the only ones walking around with a toddler and a stroller and my husband said to me “babe, everyone is looking at us funny”, I thought “nah, hunny, you’re just imagining things” but deep down I was wishing someone other than us would appear with a kid or two. They eventually did. And I almost ran over to kiss them! Hallelujah!! We ended up having a late lunch in Bricktop’s and it was just heaven! It is a must to visit this restaurant if you guys ever go. Definitely order the banana brioche french toast or the eggs benedict. You won’t regret it.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. Lucas absolutely went crazy when he saw the beach and my heart was so happy seeing him running around the sand and getting his feet in the water. We are definitely planning a second visit here and maybe next time with a wad of cash to spend on that Chanel key chain, ha!

‘Til next time,


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February 13, 2017

My funny valentine…



Hey guys!

So, yes. I know. It’s been a while since my last post and I honestly have to apologize for having have had it been so long since I last posted. I’ve seriously been super busy with work and just have had little to no time for scheduling any posts. But I told my husband we had to do something cute for Valentine’s Day. I just could not let this day pass by without a little post because it honestly is one of my favorite holidays. I am all for love, people, and these two dudes here are just about the perfect definition of what love is to me.

Valentine’s day has definitely changed for us since the arrival of our little dude but I honestly feel all for the better. His is at the cutest age ever where he is beginning to understand the celebration of holidays and festivities and it’s so cute when he asks “what’s that mommy?” anytime he sees special holiday decorations whenever we go to places like Target or Walmart or the mall. He really takes it all in and I cannot wait until he is in school and celebrates all these festivities with his teachers and friends.

How do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day? Whatever you do, hope it is filled with love and laughter with the ones you love.



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