September 11, 2015

BB creams and face primers

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Hi guys!


I had been waiting to share with you guys my slight BB cream obsession because, quite frankly, it is literally the best thing that has happened to the beauty product industry since contouring. I honestly wish this stuff had been in my life 10 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pressed powder but I buy a pretty expensive brand and even though it lasts me forever, I always try to use less (or sometimes none at all) for when I am just running around town doing errands with the little kiddo because I don’t want to feel too “made up” but don’t want to look like a total hazard. If you want a relaxed, easy breezy, put-together look, BB creams are the way to go.

Another makeup tool that’s generating a lot of buzz are primers. Basically, they are “skin preppers”, setting skin up for makeup or, in this case bb creams so they can perform optimally. They enhance how these products will ultimately look on your skin. Instead of using moisturizer before applying makeup, you can use primers to help even out the look of your makeup and even extend your makeup throughout the day, helping it look a lot fresher.

I have four tried and true favorites that won’t break the bank, are accessible and offer different types of coverage as well as other skin beautifying benefits.

L’oreal Skin Beautifier BB cream : Think of this as the perfect mattifying tool when you want light coverage. This is seriously the holy grail of BB creams. I began using this product a couple of months before becoming pregnant. The first time I applied it I could not believe how amazing my skin looked. Literally flawless. It gives a matte finish and really helps control shine (I have combination skin). The best part: I can sweat like a pig and this stuff keeps my oily skin in check like it’s nobody’s business. Run, don’t walk to get this one. Thank me later.

E.L.F. BB Cream SPF 20 : A little more makeup-y but amazing coverage and feels very luxurious. I like to set it with loose powder because it can make the oily zones in my face a bit more oily but I love the coverage so much I am willing to overlook that. Nothing a little loose powder can’t handle. I love that even though it’s more makeup-y, my skin doesn’t look cake-y or overdone. You just look very put together. I always add in a little bronzer for contouring and it makes my face just glow.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream : This is the lightest of the three. It’s really great for when you just wanna step out for a minute but don’t want to go out of the house looking like a total train-wreck. I usually use this one without applying moisturizer prior to because it is a bit more oily than the other two but I like it for colder months when I want to look put together, still have coverage and feel a little more moisture in my skin. It has SPF 30 integrated so that is a definite plus and brighteners that make skin “pop” really nicely.

E.L.F. Hydrating face primer : I had tried other primers prior to this one but I really love this particular one for my drier areas because it sort of calms the dryness out and makes the bb creams perform that much better, especially the L’oreal and E.L.F brands. My skin feels super silky after I apply it and I prefer it over moisturizer because I don’t have to wait for the product to sink in or dry in order for me to apply makeup. And the best part: It’s only $6.00!!! I mean come on! Who doesn’t love that?

Well you guys, hope this review has been helpful. As always thanks for stopping by and hope you guys find your dream bb cream just like I have (three times over, ha!)





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