April 12, 2017

Bell sleeves, culottes and other stories…

What’s up, my people?? Been a while, eh? Well you know, Life! Hope you’re all doing amazingly well as we speak. So lately, you may have noticed I’ve garnered a penchant for bell sleeves and, can you blame me? They are simply everywhere and, in my opinion, that much chicer than the off-the shoulder trend we saw a few months back. The way the sleeve just glides as you walk is simply so fab and I’m just living for it. I decided to pair this super sweet top with some denim culottes (my hubs hates them but IDGAF) and my favorite, oh-so-comfy mules .

It’s a good thing I was comfortable because as we were strolling around Disney’s Boardwalk Garden, my son, apparently sick and tired of the whole potty training process, decided to take matters into his own hands and drop the hugest “load” in toddler history, moments before we were leaving for dinner. The following events will not be discussed here but let’s just say he didn’t “keep it cute”.

Anyhoo, I was glad that after that stressful event, my outfit was still looking presentable and I was comfortable enough to juggle it all with my head held high. Proud mom moment. You can send my award any day now, Ellen.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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