June 2, 2015

Black and white



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So it’s #summertime. Everyone’s doing the whole “white outfit thing” and that’s great. Me, I can’t do the “whole white outfit” thing. I am curvy as hell. I’ve tried it before. It. does. not. work. on. me. Only time I did I was 20 and had a kick ass tan ’cause I had come back from the Dominican Republic (best vacay ever in my entire life). So what does one do in a situation like mine? Add a little black and “hints” of white, just to not be a “party pooper” ’cause i’m not doing the whole “white outfit thing and it’s summer” and I’m all set.

Here, I am actually wearing a black and white striped dress from Marshall’s I had bought 3 months before becoming pregnant. I used it during my pregnancy (with leggings, of course) and it was super comfy. Now that I have lost an entire human being, weight-wise, I can finally use it without the preggo leggings (yay!) but I had this top from Target  which I am super obsessed with ( I seriously wear it everywhere) and thought “hey, throw it on top” since my booty has been acting out a bit, just to kinda appease it a bit hehehe (my booty can get a bit cray at times!).

Basically, you have to know what works for your body type. All clothing is not made for everyone. I am not Gisele (damn it!) So I put in the work and make the clothes work for me. Not the other way around.  I love working out. Always have. Now, it’s a bit harder to get at least 15 min of strength training in with the little kiddo but I get it done. Because my body needs it. My mind needs it. And I gotta get back to at least half of what I was pre-pregnancy ’cause I bought a lottta clothes I couldn’t use during that time, damn it!!!

What has worked for you post pregnancy? What are your go-to summer clothing items? Do share!!!




V-neck Tank top-Mossimo at Target

Striped dress (under v-neck): Marshall’s (sold out) similar here

Coach bag sold out (2 seasons old) similar here

Sam Edelman sandals (sold out) similar here 



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