June 26, 2017

Black jumpsuit


Let me be wholeheartedly frank: a few months ago, I laughed at the idea of owning a jumpsuit. “So infantile”, I argued. I would NEVER  be caught dead in one. And then life has a way of rubbing things in your face that you just immediately have to say “bless it”. Because, honestly, that’s what came to mind when I found this halter jumpsuit  and my world was turned upside down – cue the dramatic music. It’s literally and honest to God just like wearing pijamas in broad daylight- that’s how comfy this piece is. And mind you, it was a thousand degrees when I wore it and I still felt so damn comfortable that I only wished they had it in more colors ’cause I for sure would purchase them. I think I may just have changed my mind about jumpsuits and will probably be purchasing a few more for the summer if they promise to be this comfy and versatile.

What’s your favorite piece for the summer months? Do tell…




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