July 19, 2016

Black and white

black and white black and white (2) black and white (3) black and white (4)

Sometimes it’s good to just take it back to good ole basic colors. And what’s better than a black and white outfit? No complications, no fussiness, nothing over the top. Simple and clean. And yet, for some reason, a simple black and white outfit, worn with simple accessories, make me feel so chic and pulled together.

I got this top a while back and automatically thought “black jeans”, no other would do. I’m loving the fit of this top because it’s so light and perfect for this Orlando heat – it seriously is unbearable, I barely managed to keep my jeans on for the rest of the day, ha! Now that fall is approaching, I am loving this outfit with a denim jacket or cashmere cardigan worn over it. Since it doesn’t get cold down here too fast, either of these will do until colder weather really kicks in, if any, ha!

Have an awesome week!


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