May 21, 2015

Little Green


Our other baby boy, Max, had to make an appearance hehehe…He was getting curious about what we were doing!


I’ve always been a product junkie. Anyone who knows me, knows this about me. During my pregnancy, this product obsession basically became more acute. And. now that I am mom, well…you do the math. The thing is, now it’s different. Now, I am much more conscious of the products I purchase because I take into consideration how they can affect my baby and his well being. I’ve been lucky enough that little cub has never shown an allergic reaction to the products I use on him but still I always try to do my research on what’s best for his skincare needs.

I was so excited when Little Green contacted me to review their products. After they contacted me, I looked into their products and all the positive reviews their products have received so far so I couldn’t wait to try them (yes, I am one of those moms who “occasionally” uses her child’s products ;-)) I can honestly tell you, these products are IT. First off, the shampoo/shower gel: heaven. I can’t stand watered down shower gels or shampoos. To me, they don’t speak “quality”. This one is thick (love!), has a faint scent, Ā and lathers like heaven, so perfect for baby, my son loves it! Next, the body lotion (I swear I’ve been “borrowing” a little everyday after I shower hehehe) and I just love it because it is not greasy and again, the scent is just right, very faint. Finally, one little product we will be using a lot during winter time is their balm. Again it is not super greasy (I hate that) and yes, yes, yes! I have used it (hey I have to review the products, sheesh!) on my lips and I am certain that come cold weather it will be a lifesaver. Little cub gets dry patches in his elbows and knees so this will be to relief his delicate skin. And I can’t boast enough about the packaging: sooooo cute!!!

Honestly, the best thing about these products is the fact that they are paraben free (important to consider when purchasing baby care products), sulfates, gluten free (love…I hate gluten, bleh) and allergens. All their products are dermatologists approved so it makes me feel good about what I am putting on my baby’s skin. Mommas, if you are looking for quality products to care for your little one’s skin (heck and your own and as well) look no further. I guarantee you will not regret including these amazing products to your family’s skincare routine.


Until next time, stay classy and fresh,



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May 17, 2015

Downtown strolls







We absolutely love going downtown with our little cub whenever we get a chance. I know i’ve said it before but we really do love living here in Orlando. My husband’s and my work schedule are so hectic sometimes we only get to really interact in the late afternoons when he gets home from work and the time is so limited because little cub goes to bed at around 9:30pm. By the time he wakes up, dad’s already gone off to work, so it’s just me, him and his brother Max (our boston terrier). It’s hard sometimes because even though we meet people here and there, I haven’t really made any “mom friends” (why is it so hard to make “mom friends”? is it just me?) and our family members are so far away I am always trying to find places to take little cub so he can interact with other kids. I feel badĀ sometimes that it’s just me and him all day and he doesn’t get to socialize with other people (especially other babies/kids) because I believe this is important for his development, particularly for language acquisition. But then again, he is still 10 months old so I always say to myself “there’s still time for him to do these things”. I take him to music class every week, once a week and he gets a chance to interact with other kids there so that’s a plus.

That being said, we try to make it downtown as much as possible for park time and just strolling through the streets. The vibe here is so relaxed, the people are friendly…the atmosphere is just right. There are so many little restaurants to go to it’s hard to pick just one. We usually end up somewhere where they specialize in beer crafting ’cause that’s my hubby’s thing šŸ˜‰ Later we always end up in the swings for the little one. He literally could stay there all day if we let him. He bawls out when we take him out and the stares we get are like “what are they doing to that child?!” Ohhh lawwwddd. This kid.

So that’s us on our free time.Ā I hope you all have an amazing weekend…

Until next time,



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Old Navy espadrille sneakers

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Gap cardiganĀ 

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Old Navy baby leather sandalsĀ 


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April 29, 2015

Cleanliness is close to Godliness







Hi there!

Hope all of you have had an amazing week so far. I’ve been super busy with a) running around my little bug (my God, this kid is THE Energizer bunny!), b)work-work and finally c)trying my best to keep my house tidy, fresh, clean and smelling amazing.

I remember being a kid and going to visit my grandma’s and her house always smelled of eucalyptus, so fresh and inviting and I’ve always tried to accomplish that same feeling in my own home. I detest going in to someone’s house and it smelling like food, or pet slobber or any other “funky” smell, for that matter. Same goes for my own home: I want people to come to my place and say “What is that great smell” or tell other people about how good my place smelled. Hey, I’m no type A but I do like to keep some level of cleanliness particularly since I have a little one and a pet. Isn’t it to go into someone’s home and feel completely welcome on the way it smells alone? I sure as heck do.

On that note, I have found a line of products which I am absolutely obsessed with called Caldrea. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not, the point is these products had me at hello from the minute I smelled them. I can honestly say that all scents are my favorite (which is a hard feat for a cleaning product to accomplish, in my opinion). But, obviously there is one particularĀ scent from their line I die for which is the Green Tea Verbena: so fresh, clean and sophisticated. It’s perfect. And the best part? The scent lingers for hours!! Yay!! Are the products effective cleaners? They sure are. And best of all…drumroll….they are free of parabens and phtalates!! Double yay!! I cannot ask for more. So there you have it: luxury, effectiveness and cleanliness all in one great simple product.

Until next time…




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