August 1, 2017

from summer to fall

black boho dressblack boho dressblack boho dressblack boho dress

When I was in college (bachelor’s, specifically), I had a hard time transitioning my wardrobes from summer to fall/winter, mainly because I grew up in the tropics and, as you can only imagine, we don’t go through seasonal changes in the tropics because it is ALWAYS  hot. So, being an island girl away for college in Pennsylvania and transitioning from hot weather to cooler temperatures forced me to be a little creative with my clothes. I am a bohemian at heart (I’ve mentioned this so many times by now) and I love a pretty, flowy dress that can easily go from warm weather to a cooler one. For me, they are the perfect way to dress up or down, accessorize and even wear as tops when you really want to get creative and the weather has really cooled down. I found this gem the other day for only $17.00 and my heart nearly had a stroke! Evidently – and as you know by now – I live in Florida and you’d think it doesn’t get to cold here but 50 degrees is enough to send your girl begging the weather Gods for mercy. So this dress is perfect for that summer to fall change, adding some neutral colored booties (as I have done here) and then when it gets a bit chillier, some brown, over-the-knee boots. I may even layer this dress over a long sleeve tee for work and my denim jacket. It’s seriously the perfect fall transition dress.

Catch you all later,


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July 3, 2017

blush floral print dress ft. Tobi



Every now and then, there’s a need for me to throw in a little bit of girly-feminine vibes around here on the blog. The heavens always conspire to place attire items in my path that make me feel like I need to switch things up a bit from my usual – read neutral – palette and try colors, patterns and prints that are not what I regularly go for. Mind you, I try to keep an eclectic approach to dressing up and I felt when I found this floral print dress  , that there are so many options when it came to styling it.

This is one of those pieces that even though you may think you can only wear it as is, the a-line cut allows for endless styling options and is the perfect light and airy fabric for these hot summer months. For this occasion, I decided to layer it over a drop waist skirt, belt it and add my most favorite pair of nude block sandals. You guys know I love me some heels but I most definitely love comfort even more. Adding these pieces was a no-brainer for me: comfort and style. What more could a girl want?

You can find more super stylish pieces here  that I’m certain you’ll love!

‘Till next time,


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June 26, 2017

Black jumpsuit


Let me be wholeheartedly frank: a few months ago, I laughed at the idea of owning a jumpsuit. “So infantile”, I argued. I would NEVER  be caught dead in one. And then life has a way of rubbing things in your face that you just immediately have to say “bless it”. Because, honestly, that’s what came to mind when I found this halter jumpsuit  and my world was turned upside down – cue the dramatic music. It’s literally and honest to God just like wearing pijamas in broad daylight- that’s how comfy this piece is. And mind you, it was a thousand degrees when I wore it and I still felt so damn comfortable that I only wished they had it in more colors ’cause I for sure would purchase them. I think I may just have changed my mind about jumpsuits and will probably be purchasing a few more for the summer if they promise to be this comfy and versatile.

What’s your favorite piece for the summer months? Do tell…




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June 12, 2017

summer neutrals


If there’s one piece of advice I would give to any new mom – or woman in general, for that matter – is don’t fuss or complicate your wardrobe and go with simple pieces you can rotate year round. In the summer, particularly, neutrals are just as essential as Thomas the Tank Engine movies are for long road trips. Currently, I am craving any and all whites, creams paired with gold, and yellowish color variations. Sprinkle on some blue (denim hues work wonders) and you are seriously all set for summer. I’m not the tannest girl in the world- ok I could pass for  Casper the Friendly Ghost’s twin- and this color combination still manages to look effortless and put together against my skin tone. I simply can’t get enough. This top is simply perfection and obviously will pair well  with anything. I’ve linked similar skirts below since this one is an oldie.


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May 30, 2017

Easy breezy for summer

Summer’s here, people, and my wardrobe couldn’t be happier. I’ve been craving easy, breezy pieces for the longest time and this summer’s looks are not disappointing at all! I found the cutest top from Valija a while back and I am sooo loving everything from their collection lately. I’ve been wearing this brand since my early teens and they never, ever let me down. I wore this outfit for my first date EVER with my hubs after having had Lucas and I seriously felt like a million bucks (which is hard to achieve these days with Cheerios stuck in my hair every now and then ha!). I threw in some cute espadrilles  and they honestly are THE shoes for the summer- comfy and chic.


Hope your summer wardrobe’s are on point, ladies. Until next time,


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April 12, 2017

Bell sleeves, culottes and other stories…

What’s up, my people?? Been a while, eh? Well you know, Life! Hope you’re all doing amazingly well as we speak. So lately, you may have noticed I’ve garnered a penchant for bell sleeves and, can you blame me? They are simply everywhere and, in my opinion, that much chicer than the off-the shoulder trend we saw a few months back. The way the sleeve just glides as you walk is simply so fab and I’m just living for it. I decided to pair this super sweet top with some denim culottes (my hubs hates them but IDGAF) and my favorite, oh-so-comfy mules .

It’s a good thing I was comfortable because as we were strolling around Disney’s Boardwalk Garden, my son, apparently sick and tired of the whole potty training process, decided to take matters into his own hands and drop the hugest “load” in toddler history, moments before we were leaving for dinner. The following events will not be discussed here but let’s just say he didn’t “keep it cute”.

Anyhoo, I was glad that after that stressful event, my outfit was still looking presentable and I was comfortable enough to juggle it all with my head held high. Proud mom moment. You can send my award any day now, Ellen.

Catch ya on the flip side,



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January 23, 2017

Feelin’ girly…

Not gonna lie: these jeans are the only ones that fit me right now. So with that being said, I decided it was time to make ’em a bit more posh and decided I needed some girly top (sparkles were out of the question) so the next best thing was definitely lace. Anytime I wear anything lace-y I instantly feel “girlied” up and, honestly, it’s so damn sexy in my opinion but it can look cheap very quickly, if you ask me. I absolutely am all about the “you don’t have to put it all out there” manner of dressing when it comes to looking sexy or feeling girly. Keeping this in mind, wearing my husband’s jeans, making them my own and adding pieces such as this top (Zara, sold out) and platform heels are a subtle way of achieving the aforementioned and not being so obvious about it. Of course, it’s all about how you feel and present yourself. The confidence you exude when you put something on is what will make you attractive in the long run.

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November 7, 2016

Knit top and velvet skirt

velvet-skirt-and-knit-sweatervelvet-skirt-and-knit-sweater-2 Velvet skirt and knit sweater Velvet skirt and knit sweater Velvet skirt and knit sweater Velvet skirt and knit sweater

So you probably know by now that velvet is making a huge comeback for the holiday season and I am just over the moon about it. If I could walk head-to-toe draped in velvet I totally would because this stuff is just My husband would never let me though so that would spare some embarrassment. Naturally, when I found this little number   I damn near had to catch my breath because the color is just good enough to wear throughout the day and into the night and can literally pair up with anything you throw on it. Since it is getting chillier here in Orlando, I decided to pair it with the friggin’ loveliest stitch sweater  in the prettiest blush color and you wouldn’t believe how lightweight and cozy it is. The combination of gray and blush has always seemed so pretty to me and I was dying to pair the two together in an outfit. So I finally got a chance to do so!

Hope you guys have an amazing week!



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October 24, 2016

tan and black

tan and black tan and black tan and black
tan and black tan and black

Seriously guys: Is there anything chicer than a tan and black outfit? I swear I’ve been seeing this combo everywhere (my Insta, Pinterest, girls at the mall) and I just had to give it a try. I had gotten this little number  a while back and I wanted to do something fun with it – you know me and pairing dresses with pants – so I remembered I had my trusty, black skinny jeans and decided to pair ’em together. I seriously feel so chic with this combo I can’t even. I feel that definitely gold jewelry is the way to go for accessories with this neutral pairing because it sort of brings out the richness in the tan and offsets it nicely.

On another note, we’ve been having super nice weather down here in Orlando and I seriously am loving it. My prayers for cooler weather have been answered this time around and I honestly can’t wait for some warmer clothing pretty soon. Only thing that sucks is the cold, early morning commute to work but hey, you can’t win ’em all, eh?

Hope you guys have a kickass start to your weeks!



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September 22, 2016

fALL VIBES and then some…


Hey guys, hope your weeks have been going well. Mine sure has been. Lots of good news and changes coming up ahead for me and my fam bam. But I’ll share those deets with y’all in a later post, so stay tuned!

Well, fall is officially here and my wardrobe is pretty psyched to get in on the action. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that last year’s fall and winter totally sucked ’cause it was barely cold (I mean ok I live in Florida but c’mon a girl can dream!) and I really wanted to wear coats and warmer clothing. So I know what you’re probably thinking : “then move to a colder state!”…not gonna happen. I’ll just stay here and keep complaining about how it never gets cold…’cause I live in Florida and I ain’t leavin’. It’s an endless, vicious cycle. And I love it…ha! So bear with me.

Well, my strategy this year is to just make peace with fact that I may not need to wear a heavy coat at all and just stock up on pretty, lighter knits like this one  which are super soft but pretty warm and awesome for layering under a denim jacket or trench. Of course fall is all about breaking out the darker colors so I am loving my trusty corduroy skirt from Jcrew I got a few years back (I’ve linked several options below) and I seriously love it because it’s stretchy, doesn’t feel clingy and makes me feel confident. Of course, it’s boot season and you know I had to break out my fave pair this season because they literally go with every damn thing, no joke.

Switching gears a bit, I wanted to share with you guys some things I am so obsessed with right now, just to get in the habit of conversing with you all a bit more and hope you share yours, too!

  1. If you follow me on Insta, you know by now I have a serious obsession with Sour Patch Kids. No, I had not tried them before because, in all honesty I thought they were yucky-looking and I rarely eat candy, save for a dark chocolate to kill my sweet cravings during the week. Ohhhh man, these things are addictive so don’t be surprised if I start looking a bit rounder than usual, it’s all that sugar I may be eating..ha!!
  2. The Secret Life of Pets. Christ Almighty is this movie so good!!! We can watch this movie ALL DAY and not get tired I swear to God!! It’s soo damn funny; the voices, the situations, the characters, the plot. And Jenni Kayne’s voice as Gidget – my spirit animal – is just the cherry on top!
  3. Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube– Ok so I can’t do my makeup if my damn life depended on it but I cannot stop watching this woman do her makeup tutorials on Youtube. She is downright GORGEOUS, charismatic and humorous I can see why her following is as huge as it is. Oh and her makeup applying skills aren’t bad either..ha!!!
  4. Mr. Robot– these series, y’all. Do yourself a favor and start watching it. Thank me later.
  5. The kids from ‘Stranger Things’– obsessed with the series but these kids just stole my heart. And one of the main characters is named Lucas!!!! How cool is that? Best boy name ever (I may be biased) and Millie Bobbie Brown is the cutest kid ever. I wanna hang with her. For reals.

Welp, that’s all for now. Hope you have a kick-ass weekend and I’ll catch you guys next week!




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