September 13, 2016

I literally can’t

literally can't literally-cant-5literally-cant-8literally can't literally can't literally can't literally-cant

I suppose we are all known amongst our loved ones and friends for a certain catch phrase we may always employ, sort of a like a tick we can’t stop. Well for me this one’s it: I can’t. I LITERALLY CAN’T. I can’t deal. Any variation of it works wonders for me. Even in my native language of Spanish I say it: NO PUEDO. NO PUEDO BREGAR. You get the gist.

So imagine my happiness as last week me, myself and I walks into Tarjay (don’t get me started), and I stroll my lil ass (pun intended) into the women’s section and lo and behold find this beaut just waiting on that lonely hanger for me to purchase and rescue it from it’s misery. My heart was full.

Naturally, I wanted to pair it something fun and I felt that jeans or shorts are kinda of an obvious choice for a t-shirt. I had purchased this skirt a while back and I honestly couldn’t find a top that I felt it went with until I bought the aformentioned tshirt. I found it was a cool juxtaposition as it’s a pretty ladylike skirt and the tee is so not what I would pair it with but sometimes two wrongs do make a right so, hey, there you go.

I’ve been seeing this low, slicked back ponytail everywhere and decided to try it for this occasion and let me tell you I was kinda scared ’cause i’m pretty self conscious about my square face and thought I’d look awful but I was kinda diggin’ it. Plus, my hubs was too so, WIN! Also, I am loving my new sunnies from Ilymix! They are so nice for fall and the icy blue color is giving me major life. You can us code ‘Raquel20’ on your next purchase and get 20% off on it!

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August 30, 2016

french girl style ft. MAKE ME CHIC


I am certain that I’m not the only girl who loves a good striped dress (or striped anything, for that matter). Stripes can really go in so many directions, trend-wise, but for me, they are so reminiscent of that whole french girl vibe I absolutely dig. You know french girls can throw it down and the best thing about their style is how laid back and effortless they always look. This dress from Make Me Chic just had that french girl vibe and, although it looks super cute all on its own, I wanted to give it a twist with tattered jeans and high bun just ’cause I saw Clemence Poesy rock a similar look once and when I got this dress I thought to myself “I need to try this look out!”. Adding a little leopard print gives it a nice vibe, contrasting patterns and I absolutely loooove stripes and leopard together so this pairing was a no brainer. As always, accessories are a must but keep them to a minimum and let the clothes do the talking.

Hope you all have an amazing week!






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August 19, 2016

a little leopard print…


I have great news for you gals: If y’all are crazy in love with animal print, specifically leopard, this is your season. This print is gonna be huge-ola for fall and I am so stocking up on this print because I honestly have always loved it, more than any other animal print.

This time around, I went to run some errands with the hubs and lil Lucas and decided on pairing this gorgeous H&M skirt  with sporty sneakers and a simple tank. Of course, you can glam this baby up with a killer pair of heels and load up on accessories but keeping animal print casual and sporty is so unexpected and fresh that I thought why not just give it a try. After all, I am running around with a toddler so it makes sense to look good and be comfortable while doing so, amiright?

In other news, Lucas will be starting daycare-preschool soon and I am a mess about it. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions because we have never been apart, save for maybe once or twice when I have had my mom or mother in law take care of him and only for a day. Many changes are coming ahead for me, professionally-speaking, and my husband and I felt it was time to allow him to experience socializing with other children his age so that we can both grow and meet our particular needs. I see him so enamored with learning, hungry to explore – as any child would be – and I feel that it would be selfish of me to take that away from him, especially after we visited the daycare he will be attending, he just loved it and felt right at home. As mothers, we always want to have our children safe by our sides because we believe no one will ever care for them like we do and, while this may be true, this may not always be a realistic or healthy view. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s okay to allow time apart. He needs time to grow without me around, without coddling him and controlling everything but at the same time being there and reminding him that I will always be there to love and support him. It is the most emotional I’ve been in a while but this too shall pass and watching him grow, explore, change, develop, discover and be happy is all I could ever want and pray for my child. He is protected and guided and I am more than thankful.

‘Til next time,


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August 8, 2016



You guys! Fall is coming soon and I am so excited!! I mean summer has been awesome but I am soooo ready for the weather to cool down. I know, I know I sound like a broken record but it’s just too damn much and I need a break from the heat. Momma’s getting old..ha!

Ok so what’s better than an all black look? I found this little number from Make Me Chic  and had to have it because as soon as I saw it I knew it would be super comfy and easy to pair with literally anything and I mean ANYTHING. When I got it, it was everything I knew it would be :simple, suuuper soft (it feels like a pajama!), not clingy -hate that – and flowy. I decided on doing an all black look for this occasion because I love the simplicity and chicness of not worrying about matching each and every piece in my wardrobe and all black just feels so badass and elevated that I had to give it a go with this dress.

I am loving this dress so much it’s not even funny and the best part is I can use it as a top come fall with jeans and tall boots or booties and it’ll look amazing.

Hope you guys have a great start to your weeks,



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July 26, 2016

Vacay Style

Vacay style halter top (6)Vacay style halter top (7)Vacay style halter top (5) Vacay style halter top (4) Vacay style halter top (3) Vacay style halter top Vacay style halter top (2)

Hey guys! Hope your weeks are going off to a great start! This summer has been a memorable one and I’m reveling in how much fun me and my fam bam have had – despite the intense heat here in Florida.

Well, we’ve managed to do a few stay-cations at some really great places -seriously, there is no better place to live than Orlando!- because there is literally always something to do on the weekends. On one of our little getaways, I was able to pack a bit lighter than usual thanks to this super cute halter top from Vacay  which is one of the most flattering tops I’ve ever owned.  I managed to mix and match it with other pieces I already own and it was great not having to lug around so much clothing like I usually do. The material is super soft (seriously feels like butter on your skin), very lightweight and breezy and the best part? Endless possibilities for mixing and matching with other pieces you may have in your wardrobe already. This top is super functional to transition from day to night, work to cocktails, running errands to dinner, anything goes. And if your traveling, it’s just a gem.

Vacay style is truly an amazing brand that I have come to fall in love with because their pieces are functional and easygoing for the everyday woman. You don’t have to be a jetsetter to wear their pieces; it’s all about looking put together, chic and effortless wherever you go with quality clothing you don’t have to worry about wrinkling or looking less than presentable. As a mom, I want to be able to have clothes in my wardrobe I can count on to wear at a moment’s notice that are easy to mix and match but also allow me to look polished without trying to hard. This brand has completely thought of these particular points when they created their pieces and I couldn’t be more in love with it. I mean I live for my yoga pants but sometimes momma wants a bit more polish, amiright?!

If you’d like to try pieces from any of their collections, use code “SC15” for 15% off your order. Trust me when I say that you will love it as much as I do!

‘Til next time,


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July 19, 2016

Black and white

black and white black and white (2) black and white (3) black and white (4)

Sometimes it’s good to just take it back to good ole basic colors. And what’s better than a black and white outfit? No complications, no fussiness, nothing over the top. Simple and clean. And yet, for some reason, a simple black and white outfit, worn with simple accessories, make me feel so chic and pulled together.

I got this top a while back and automatically thought “black jeans”, no other would do. I’m loving the fit of this top because it’s so light and perfect for this Orlando heat – it seriously is unbearable, I barely managed to keep my jeans on for the rest of the day, ha! Now that fall is approaching, I am loving this outfit with a denim jacket or cashmere cardigan worn over it. Since it doesn’t get cold down here too fast, either of these will do until colder weather really kicks in, if any, ha!

Have an awesome week!


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July 5, 2016

Blue boho dress ft. SheIn

SheIn Blue boho dress (2) SheIn Blue boho dress (3) SheIn blue boho dress (7)
SheIn Blue boho dress (4) SheIn Blue boho dress (5) SheIn Blue boho dress (6)

What is it about a lightweight maxi dress that is so enticing for summer days and evenings? Putting one on makes me feel like a goddess, more so than any other piece of clothing and, with the right accessories- preferably kept to a minimum- they can be just the right amount of polished perfection I may very well need to spend a summer day.

This  Shein maxi dress is just that dress for me. For summer, there is nothing chicer than wearing a flowy, lightweight and airy dress and this one is perfect for the woman who wishes to transition from day to night with the slightest ease with her wardrobe. This dress can be worn with flats (as I have, pictured here) but will look amazing with chic platform sandals or wedges for a date night or dinner with friends. The material and print are perfect for virtually any occasion (summer wedding, graduation, dinner party, even running errands!). I couldn’t be more in love with this dress and love getting compliments when I wear it. It safe to say this may very well be my favorite piece of clothing this summer.



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June 21, 2016

Romantic, boho vibes

romantic off the shoulder (3) romantic off the shoulder (4) romantic off the shoulder (6) romantic off the shoulder (5)romantic off the shoulder (2)romantic off the shoulder


So am I the only one digging all the “coachella-esque” vibes summer is throwing around? I have always been a major fan of all things boho, gypsy-ish and I am so in love with this trend and happy that it’s stuck around for as long as it has. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I was so enamored with all things Stevie Nicks when I was a child – my mom only played her music 24/7, no biggie – that I feel we were kindred spirits and I may very well have been hardwired to love this trend ’til my last breath on this earth- cue the music.

Naturally, then, when I found this top, I decided to kind of “summer it up” but in a more boho-ish way, since it’s got a super romantic feel to it and it can come off very girly, which I wanted to veer away from. Pairing it with rust colored shorts was a cool addition since I feel the colors balance one another nicely. I also added these killer boots I recently purchased in the most beautiful dove gray color that seriously go with EVERYTHING and will transition well into fall, so..score!

I’m hoping to keep rocking this trend as fall approaches because I’m just obsessed with it so much. All I need is  cool music playing in the background and some wine to imagine I am somewhere in the desert living it up as stylishly as possible….A mom can dream, right?

‘Til next time peeps,


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June 13, 2016

Gingham dress

gingham dress (5) gingham dress (4) gingham dress (3)gingham dress (2) gingham dress gingham dress (8) gingham dress (7) gingham dress (6)

So I found this dress on a recent trip to Old Navy and almost died when I saw the price (hello clearance sale!), no way was this dress $10.00!! It seriously is the lightest, cutest, girliest dress for summer and the blue gingham print is a classic that never goes out of style and can be worn with literally anything over it. I decided on a sheer shirt to tie over it because I love the softness it adds to the dress but kind of gives a bit of an offbeat edge- you know me and tying shit around my waist haha! I love buying classic, non-over the top pieces that I can wear over and over, are affordable and simple because frankly: why waste money on pieces that are just gonna collect dust in your closet? Not this little number, for sure! It’s so important for me as a mom to buy dresses like these that I can dress up or down (mainly down but that’s beside the point ha!) given the fact that I am constantly chasing a little Energizer bunny. Simple is always – well sometimes – better.

‘Til next time,


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June 2, 2016

off the shoulder lace & denim

off the shoulder top off the shoulder top (3)off the shoulder (2)
off the shoulder top (4) off the shoulder top (5) off the shoulder top (6)

Hi guys! Hope you all had an amazing long weekend – we sure did. So it was just us being lazy (hello cat naps!) as well as visiting theme parks- we love taking Lucas to them, and living here in Orlando is such a blessing for us to be able to just go and do it at the drop of a hat. Also, there was a lot of Netflix binge-ing – I am obsessed with Unbreakable, #icantwithTitus! What are you guys watching lately?

So I am in total and complete love with this top  I recently found at H&M. I saw it, tried it on and had to have it (and the price is the best part). It is seriously so light and breezy and girly and just perfect for summer and hot weather. I decided to balance the girliness of this top with simple, wide leg denim (similar here ) because I feel denim is the perfect piece of clothing to showcase any type of clothing it is paired with. It had been raining the day we took these pics so you can see my bottom flare a bit wet haha (sorry ’bout that!). Obviously white pairs well with anything, but the indigo blue of these jeans just gives the whole outfit a boho-ish vibe I just love. Pairing the look with pastel colored jewelry keeps it looking fresh and summery.

Hope you guys have an amazing rest of the week.




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