February 23, 2016

Denim skirt

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denim skirt (7)

Well, it’s back to warm weather down here in Orlando, Fl. and I am gearing up for spring. I have put away most of my warm clothes (of which I barely used, but oh well) and am enjoying wearing a bit more color and bright clothing these days. Well, I am really into citrus colors lately and seriously love how an orange, lemon-y yellow or lime green look against denim. So when I found this skirt  I instantly thought of pairing it with any of the aforementioned colors. I’m loving the “old-school”vibe this skirt has, so 70’s (I may or may not be uh-bsessed with that era) and it just makes me think of Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen circa 1970’s.  I’m loving how these vibes are coming back (especially high waisted, belted skirts) because they are so chic and, in my opinion, do a great job in showcasing a woman’s figure in the most feminine way. And of course, it’s denim, which can be paired with virtually ANYTHING and everything and you will do no wrong.

Hope you guys have an amazing and fashionable week!



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