August 27, 2015

Fun with Eshakti

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Hey guys!

So this time I’ve had the opportunity of trying out Eshakti’s product/services and I have to say it’s soo good! I love the concept of their business where, basically, you choose a base dress and you can modify/customize it to fit your style and taste. It’s awesome! This particular dress was pretty fun to create because on the website it’s shown as a short version with short sleeves but I wanted a longer version without sleeves because I can use it during any season with either sandals or boots and it has a little bohemian vibe, which I love.

There are so many options to choose from, from pretty patterns, styles it is perfect if you want a particular style to fit your body type (I’m very curvy, as you can probably tell) and I’m sure you’ll love what you receive in the mail as much as I did! They even have a cute selection for weddings that you must check out if you are planning yours. I sure would have loved to know about them when I was planning mine! Also the, shipping is very fast and timely. Super bonus!

If you’d like to check their stuff out click here . You’ll love what you see!

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