December 27, 2017

Esqido eyelashes

Hey beautiful people! It has been a hot minute since my last post and, quite frankly, a bit embarrassing it’s taken me so long to post again but in my defense I have been extremely busy. I know, i know: I need to do better with managing my posts and frankly, I’m so excited for this particular one because honestly, these eyelashes I’m about to review have been such a fun addition to my beauty and makeup routine I can’t even deal.

To be quite frank, I had never considered the idea of incorporating fakesies to my makeup routine. The only other time I had worn them was for my wedding day and I can remember how unbelievably fabulous they made my makeup look. So after Esqido contacted me for this review I was definitely up for giving these beauties a spin since I have seen firsthand how they can absolutely transform even the simplest, every day makeup. Since we are in the midst of holiday celebrations, what better way to amp up your makeup routine with the addition of beautiful mink, falsies that instantly give your gaze the perfect, finished and polished look.

First off, the selection that’s available over at  Esqido is unbelievable. The choices range from amateur false eyelash user to pro level makeup artist- anything you crave. I chose a pretty simple style since it would be the first time I’d be applying them myself and didn’t wan’t to look a hot mess but I can tell you this: these lashes are pretty foolproof and easy to apply so… fear not! Once I received them- in the ‘poshest’ packaging ever – II couldn’t wait to give ’em a try and so concocted a simple, peachy New Year’s eve look that can work on anyone (see below). The lashes included the glue – which is seriously – and lasts allll day, holding those babies as if they’re existence depended on it. I truly have to say that these lashes, aside from being super comfy, are just the perfect touch I wanted to add to my makeup routine. I was looking for something that was not too over the top (I seriously cannot do extra, sorry) and make me feel just put together enough for a special occasion.

Have you guys tried falsies or use them regularly in your makeup routine? Either way, give this brand a try. I promise they won’t disappoint.

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