April 19, 2016

Flower dress (as a top!)

Flower dress (4) Flower dress (5) Flower dress (6) Flower dress (7)Flower dress (3)

Flower dress Flower dress (8) Flower dress (9)

Hey guys! Hope your week has started off on a great note. So here I am again with another flower print post and this one was quite interesting, style-wise. This “top” is actually a dress and I had ordered it in my size (M) thinking it would look super cute with a little cardi over it. How wrong was I. When I got it, I immediately opened it and tried it on and it was super short! I couldn’t return it since it was a final sale ($10!!!) so this is when I had to get creative. I love how it is billowy enough that I could cinch it with a belt or just use it a flowy top over jeans or a skirt but on this occasion I just did a half-tuck and let the back flow over the denim skirt. I honestly have never felt more comfortable and chic with an outfit all at the same time. I like it because you can go either casual (like I did here with sneaks) or a bit more formal with heels and you will look so put together. So this is an option for your billowy dresses that may be too short to wear and you have yourself a brand new top. It’s all in how you style it, ladies!

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