September 13, 2016

I literally can’t

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I suppose we are all known amongst our loved ones and friends for a certain catch phrase we may always employ, sort of a like a tick we can’t stop. Well for me this one’s it: I can’t. I LITERALLY CAN’T. I can’t deal. Any variation of it works wonders for me. Even in my native language of Spanish I say it: NO PUEDO. NO PUEDO BREGAR. You get the gist.

So imagine my happiness as last week me, myself and I walks into Tarjay (don’t get me started), and I stroll my lil ass (pun intended) into the women’s section and lo and behold find this beaut just waiting on that lonely hanger for me to purchase and rescue it from it’s misery. My heart was full.

Naturally, I wanted to pair it something fun and I felt that jeans or shorts are kinda of an obvious choice for a t-shirt. I had purchased this skirt a while back and I honestly couldn’t find a top that I felt it went with until I bought the aformentioned tshirt. I found it was a cool juxtaposition as it’s a pretty ladylike skirt and the tee is so not what I would pair it with but sometimes two wrongs do make a right so, hey, there you go.

I’ve been seeing this low, slicked back ponytail everywhere and decided to try it for this occasion and let me tell you I was kinda scared ’cause i’m pretty self conscious about my square face and thought I’d look awful but I was kinda diggin’ it. Plus, my hubs was too so, WIN! Also, I am loving my new sunnies from Ilymix! They are so nice for fall and the icy blue color is giving me major life. You can us code ‘Raquel20’ on your next purchase and get 20% off on it!

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