September 3, 2015

Janis and tweed

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Fall is here! I don’t know why I’m excited about it but I am. This fall season, there are so many trends I can’t wait to try. For some reason, I love cold weather clothing – jackets, sweaters, coats – even though I didn’t grow up exposed to cold weather. I went to college in Pennsylvania and if you’ve ever been there  – or grew up there – you know it gets ridiculously cold. So that was my chance to buy great cold weather clothing. It’s funny I gave it all away after I graduated because I returned back home to Puerto Rico to pursue my master’s and I thought I wouldn’t need those clothes anymore. Such a shame! One fall wardrobe staple I am loving for fall is anything tweed.

Well I am rebuilding my cold weather wardrobe again and starting with this #tweed skirt from Zara. I do apologize for not linking it because I bought last year but I’ll link similar ones below. I was flipping through Instyle magazine the other day and according to them, this style #skirt (mod-like and tweed) is gonna be big for fall. I’m so glad I have this piece around because, as you can see, it can go with several style tops, like I’ve paired it here with this super cute tee from Gap. I love pairing this style skirt with a laid back tee because it kind of relaxes the look a bit. I’d wear this look on a friday at the office with a jean jacket to make it more effortless and cool. When the weather starts getting a little colder (yes I live in Orlando but it gets pretty damn cold here, trust…) I can pair it with a light coat and sweater and some knee high boots. I can’t wait! Fall is all about layering and this skirt is perfect for building a wardrobe with layers.


What pieces are you guys anxious to add to your fall wardrobe? Do share!!

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