June 16, 2016

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After the henna has dried and peeled from skin, you get the most gorgeous stain leftover!


I have been a fan of henna tattooing for the longest time – i remember having it done by a high school friend when Madonna’s “Ray of light” (ironic much?) video came out and henna was all the rage. Throughout my college years, I got it done a couple of times and I loved the way it looked on my skin. Henna is temporary body tattooing, consisting of dyes which are primarily plant based. Many cultures – mainly pakistani, muslim and hindi – incorporate this tradition for ceremonial purposes like weddings and engagements, for instance. It is a natural and beautiful way to temporarily decorate your skin.

How excited was I when I was recently contacted by the company Namaste Collective to review their at-home henna kits. It’s so funny because I had told my husband weeks before that I wanted to do a post featuring henna and this came at the perfect time. I love what the whole vibe of the company is about, and the fact that these kits are so accessible and are completely safe for new moms to use on their skin is an added bonus (pregnant/expecting, and breastfeeding mothers should consult with their doctors before using the product).

The process of creating the henna is very simple, where you mix water first to create a paste that is left untouched for 24 hours so the dye can come through well. Afterwards, a bit more water is mixed in along with the essential oil of your choice (this is not included in the kit, you must purchase it separately). I chose a sweet orange essential oil and was loving the scent I had on my skin after I applied the henna, so yummy. The kit comes with a bag to transfer the henna mixture from the zip bag provided to mix everything in but for me this was a bit of a struggle. I ended up using a medicine syringe to transfer the mixture to the application bottle because I was just making a mess. After this, I kept the mixture nearby in a bowl in case I needed to refill the bottle while I applied it mixture. Once you’re done, any leftover product you may have can be frozen to use later, which is awesome that none of the product goes to waste.

The best part was drawing on my skin. I had so many ideas on my head but I am by no means an artist- I couldn’t draw even if my life depended on it ha! The kit comes with a little booklet with a couple of design ideas and a pencil to trace the design on your skin, so I kind of took little bits and pieces of ideas to create my design. The process is super fun because you can let your creativity flow. But, be aware, the mixture stains very quickly so I suggest having a damp cloth nearby so that if you have any “oopsies” or wanna change the design, you can just wipe it off quickly before it starts staining your skin. It such a cool outlet for creativity and meditation  and I will definitely be using it every now and then when my boho side wants to come out and play ha!

So if you’re curious and want a cool accessory for your skin without the long term commitment, give it a try! I’m certain you’ll love it and have as much fun as I have.

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  1. I used to always go to the oriental store and get henna! I’m obsessed! This looks so good 🙂

    • littlerayoflight says:

      You should try this kit! It’s so much fun to do and just be creative with what you would like on your skin.

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