April 11, 2016

Neutral vibes

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Hey guys! I’m back with a new styling post. How I missed it so! Well, lately, I have been feeling the whole “neutral/monochromatic” outfits flying all over the season and this week I was looking at my Insta timeline and read over at the Zoe Report various tips to how your wardrobe can look more expensive than it actually is by applying and adding a few tricks to your wardrobe styling. One of them was sticking to a monochrome look because it “translates into a polished look that is undeniably chic”. This is absolutely, undeniably so. I had gotten this Forever 21 blouse and, originally, planned on wearing it with jeans. But later on, I remembered I had these Gap khaki pants and decided to try a neutral palette. It is both fresh, versatile and oh-so polished to dress in a neutral/monochromatic palette and it sort of gives me a sense of confidence I can’t explain. Initially, I was afraid it wouldn’t work with my body type, as I am very curvy, but the cut and color of the pants along with the neutral color of the shirt balance my curves along with the rest of my body, almost elongating it a bit. Adding simple, gold jewelry and a neutral color bag will balance everything out. I’m liking this concept for spring and summer because it is simple and sophisticated at the same time. It is one concept I will be incorporating into my daily wardrobe a little more from now on.

Have a great week guys!



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