May 11, 2017

Off the shoulder pink top ft. Shein

Ok, so let’s get a little cliché and talk about pink tops because A)it’s late at night and I can’t do anything else but procrastinate from all the other shit I need to get done and b)i’m digging all things pink. You have to understand I rarely wear this color but, lately, it’s just been a color I’ve been drawn to, mainly because I’ve finally learned/figured out how to pair it with items that don’t make me look like a Pepto Bismol bottle (which can happen very easily, trust me.)

This particular top from Shein seemed like a deviation from what I would normally wear but nevertheless I decided to take the plunge and purchase it- even if I did end up looking like a colostomy bag. Which I probably did. But I enjoyed it. At least my hubs said I looked pretty so there’s that. Little gold touches and simple black jeans kept things un-fussy, just how I like it. Too much fuss is no bueno.

There you have it peeps. We’ll see what other crazy shit I come up with on the next post.



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