March 14, 2017

Palm Beachin’ it…

Hey peeps!

Hot damn! It’s been a minute, huh? Well, what can I say? I’m a busy working gal with a fiery toddler to boot and this whole “juggling time to the best of my abilities”thing ain’t easy. I don’t care who says “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce”, girlfriend has a whole damn entourage to keep her sane, so no, she doesn’t do it all on her own, so no: we don’t have the same hours. She obviously has many more than the rest of us! ha…

Anyhoo, besides my super busy lifestyle and lack of hours to spare in the day for leisurely things, I AM on spring break as we speak, so the hubs and I decided it was about damn time we did a little “escapade” (yes, with our son in tow!), and hit the pedal to the metal out of Orlando for a day. We settled on Palm Beach, one of the quintessential southernmost cities in Florida because, honestly, everyone raves about how beautiful it is and let me tell you: they aren’t lying. The vibe is very chic and posh and the architecture is beyond breathtaking: spanish with a hint of art deco. Perfection. There are cute little corners and hidden passages all along the town and the gem of it all is finding your way down at the beach. Of course, some people may disagree with me on that one and say the stores on Worth Avenue are the real gems but that may be the case when I can actually afford to go into a Chanel store and actually purchase at least a key chain. I must say, when we first got there, we felt a bit out of place because we were the only ones walking around with a toddler and a stroller and my husband said to me “babe, everyone is looking at us funny”, I thought “nah, hunny, you’re just imagining things” but deep down I was wishing someone other than us would appear with a kid or two. They eventually did. And I almost ran over to kiss them! Hallelujah!! We ended up having a late lunch in Bricktop’s and it was just heaven! It is a must to visit this restaurant if you guys ever go. Definitely order the banana brioche french toast or the eggs benedict. You won’t regret it.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. Lucas absolutely went crazy when he saw the beach and my heart was so happy seeing him running around the sand and getting his feet in the water. We are definitely planning a second visit here and maybe next time with a wad of cash to spend on that Chanel key chain, ha!

‘Til next time,


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