March 28, 2016

Park days


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park days

Park days are the absolute best. We spent Easter Day strolling around downtown and Lake Eola park, people and animal watching and let me tell you the heat was practically unbearable. Well, it was more humid than anything else (it’s been raining and cloudy down here in Orlando) so it was more sticky hot which is basically the worst kind of heat, in my opinion. We love just walking around and meeting other families and Lucas being able to interact with other lil ones, it’s just the cutest thing.

We woke up pretty early, thanks to lil Lucas and we had set up his little Easter basket for him to find the night before. As soon as he found it, he was so excited. We filled it with fruity candy because if we give him chocolate it literally sends him flying and a super-duper hyper toddler is really not that cute, ha! We decided to gift him a Thomas the Tank engine toy (Toby, to be exact) because he is just obsessed with these toys and he is building his little collection. And yes, as you can see we got him a little backpack harness for walking around and it is the best thing because he doesn’t stray away from me when we walk around which, as you can imagine is not that fun run around a lil toddler all over the place, knocking things everywhere, yeah the whole package. He almost ran into the park lake had he not had this thing strapped on! But all in all, he had the best time just walking around and meeting people, the little social butterfly he is, I can’t even.

Hope you all had a great Easter, guys!


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