January 3, 2017

roadtrip: st. augustine, fl.

Hey guys!

First post of 2017 and we’re off to exciting beginnings! Well, on the 1st of january, the hubs, Lucas and I went on a little roadtrip to St. Augustine after several of my work colleagues had insisted I go during winter break. My husband had been there before a long time ago so he said we had to go because it is such a pretty little town and very spur of the moment decided to jump in the car and head out there.

Initially, we wanted to go see the Castillo San Marcos fort that the town is so famous for but we got there around 2:00pm and it started pouring raining and had to wait in the car for like a half hour until it stopped. Once we were able to leave the car, we just decided to walk around the town and sightsee because it is literally the cutest little town I’ve seen in a while. There are so many cultures intertwined in the feel of the town (french, german, cuban, spanish, you name it) and there’s such richness to the vibe of the town that we really just felt so at ease just walking around and taking it all in. Needless to say, Lucas was loving it, too! I also love that so many families go there so there are other children walking around with their families and it feels like such a nice place to just chill, grab a bite (and a drink ha!) and just play tourist for the day. We decided we needed to go again soon because there are the cutest (not even kidding) bed and breakfast inns I have ever seen in my life and you can literally just wake up and go walk around all day because at every corner there is am adorable shop to go into or place to grab a yummy bite. We ate at this place called Barley Republic Irish Pub & Oyster House and seriously had some delish street pork tacos (the hubs had fish and chips which were insanely good). No pics on the food included here because our camera decided to die on us by the time we sat down to eat.

So if you’re planning on a trip to florida, make it a point to go to this part of the state because you will seriously not regret it.

‘Til next time,


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