June 21, 2016

Romantic, boho vibes

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So am I the only one digging all the “coachella-esque” vibes summer is throwing around? I have always been a major fan of all things boho, gypsy-ish and I am so in love with this trend and happy that it’s stuck around for as long as it has. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I was so enamored with all things Stevie Nicks when I was a child – my mom only played her music 24/7, no biggie – that I feel we were kindred spirits and I may very well have been hardwired to love this trend ’til my last breath on this earth- cue the music.

Naturally, then, when I found this top, I decided to kind of “summer it up” but in a more boho-ish way, since it’s got a super romantic feel to it and it can come off very girly, which I wanted to veer away from. Pairing it with rust colored shorts was a cool addition since I feel the colors balance one another nicely. I also added these killer boots I recently purchased in the most beautiful dove gray color that seriously go with EVERYTHING and will transition well into fall, so..score!

I’m hoping to keep rocking this trend as fall approaches because I’m just obsessed with it so much. All I need is  cool music playing in the background and some wine to imagine I am somewhere in the desert living it up as stylishly as possible….A mom can dream, right?

‘Til next time peeps,


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