July 1, 2016


schwartzkopf product review (2) schwartzkopf product reviewschwartzkopf product review (4)schwarzkopf product review

So many of you know about my hair struggles (thinning hair, bald spots due to breastfeeding, hair loss) but so many other issues arise in the hair department after giving birth that I have already lost count.

I was sent a couple of products a few days back by the Schwarzkopf team and they literally could not have come at a better time. I have had a long battle with frizz and unruly hair for the past two years and it had been driving me crazy. I usually get keratin shots done but after a while hair gets a bit fried from the procedure and the products you use to maintain the procedure are of utmost importance. Schwarzkopf 11-in1 Omega repair is a Godsend! I have used it twice since getting it and my hair feels like silk. The product smells like heaven and it penetrates the hair so quickly that it was a breeze to brush for untangling damp hair. I always blowout my hair after washing it and lately it was a struggle to get the brush through my hair. After applying it to my damp hair, the brush literally glided through and the feel of my hair was just on another level. I am absolutely in LOVE with this product and can’t do without it. I usually use a hot iron after I blow dry my hair to control frizz but this time there was no need because the product controlled it immediately. And the shine is unbelievable. This product is a must.

The other product I used was the Biotin Volume. Now, normally I would not use volume building products since my hair is very thick and builds up very easily but lately it has been the other way around, looking very limp and dull and I thought maybe giving it a little “oomph” wouldn’t hurt. Boy, was I right with this product. The powder is lightly dusted, after sectioning hair, at the roots. After, I just tossed my hair and flipped it up and down a couple of times and the volume was amazing. My hair wasn’t left feeling powdery or clumpy, simply the right amount of volume. I love that it also acts as a sort of dry shampoo and kind of sucks up the oiliness in the scalp – which I loathe, having very oily hair- and hair is left feeling clean, fresh and smelling amazing.

If your looking to shake up your hair routine, give these products a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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