May 8, 2015

Skincare parte Uno

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Well, it’s about that time to talk skincare. Such an important topic, dontcha think? I have been obsessed with skincare my whole life. I suffered from acne during my teens and yes, I was one of those teens who would try everything and anything to get my skin to clear out. On a certain day, my mom decided “let’s get professional help, I know how much this is affecting you” and took me to see a dermatologist. Best thing ever. I started using Differin gel and my skin was on another level. Cleared up real fast. I was in heaven. Regular visits to my derm helped me become more conscious not only of my skincare routine but my health as well. She stressed that it wasn’t just about taking good care of my skin but what I consumed as well. I started eating right and everything really changed. Lost weight and my skin was looking runway ready (bahahaha!!) All jokes aside, I am sharing some products I’ve used for some time and some new ones I’ve found to be pretty kick-ass, especially now that acne is no longer a problem..I’ve got bigger fish to fry: WRINKLES AND SAGGY SKIN..BLEHHH!!

So here goes:


Olay Anti wrinkle day cream and serum: This is truly everything. I would NEVER change this cream for another. I’ve been using Olay for as long as I can remember and what it has done for my skin is nothing short of a miracle. This lotion has refined my pores, softened my skin and when I apply my makeup it just glides on. And the smell. Heaven.

Vichy Liftactiv Nuit: Thick and creamy. This one’s for nighttime cell renewal. A little goes a long way and your skin will thank you in the morning when you wake up looking like Salma Hayek (isn’t her skin everything?!!!!)


Vichy Purete Thermale One step cleanser: I am not even going to lie: sometimes, just sometimes, I am too damn tired to do the whole “wash face, take makeup off with makeup remover and put cream on”. What’s my go to product for this unwanted laziness? This one step cleanser: It does everything. I’m not kidding when I tell you you don’t even need to put lotion afterwards (I do anyway but just so you know if you forget to, you’re covered). Really takes off everything and skin is left feeling fresh.

Neutrogena Fresh foaming cleanser: A classic. Been using it since my bachelor’s; long time ago (guess how old I am ha?!!) But seriously, another one I would never change. I’v tried even the priciest cleansers and they DO NOT come close to how this stuff leaves my skin: so clean and soft and not dry AT ALL. I will forever love thee.


Boots Botanics Age defense microdermabrasion polish: Damn you wrinkles, damn you!! Found this little miracle one day at Target and I haven’t looked back. It polishes skin like it’s nobody’s business. I do this microdermabrasion once a week and follow up with my night cream. Try it. You will look and feel like a million bucks. I guarantee it.


That’s it for now, loves. Stay classy and beautiful!


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