March 15, 2016

Spring florals

spring floral print (2) spring floral print (3) spring floral print (4) spring floral print (5)
Spring floral print

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”…If you loooove fashion, you know that one by heart. So yeah, florals for spring. And pastels. I love it all. It’s time to soften up my color palette and I am soooo in love with this color combo I can’t even deal.  This Old Navy blouse has been giving me major life because of it’s billowy flow and effortlessness, perfect for light weather. And of course those shorts you can’t live without that are sure to be a summer staple you can pair with just about any damn thing. This outfit lets me live out my utter desire to attend all those fabulous music festivals (*ahem*Coachella *ahem*) that will be making their way via my Instagram feed so I am living my fantasy vicariously through my clothes since I can’t physically attend said festivities…for now, ha!

So, funny story (not really funny, though) : we had gotten a new camera lens (we shoot with a Nikon J1, no DSLR as of yet, can’t seem to part ways with this one since my dad gifted it to me) and just as we’re getting ready to shoot, the camera wouldn’t recognize the damn lens. so now to wait for a new lens alll over again. Anywho, the show must go on and these little set backs are just crumbs on the floor, right?

Hope you all have a rockin’ week,



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