January 1, 2016

Starting anew

happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016 happy 2016

It’s been an amazing year. One filled with many a challenge and difficult situation but we made it through. Being away from our families has been the hardest thing we’ve ever faced but sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to grow and reach for the things we aspire to become.

I’ve went through a lot of personal situations during this year. I’ve learned to accept many particularities about many people I care about for the sake of focusing on the bigger picture. I’ve learned that I’m not the easiest person to deal with myself and I’m working on bettering my eccentricities for the good of 1)myself, 2)my son, 3)my husband and 4)family and friends. It’s hard to accept that which sometimes we don’t want to see but in the end it is essential if we truly want to grow and be instruments for those around us. I am aware of the things I need to leave behind and you can trust and believe that little by little I will evolve into the person my son and family need and deserve for me to be.

It’s funny because the other day, I was telling my husband how when I was pregnant with Lucas, I used to play a song by the Mexican band Mana called “Cachito” which in english translates into “ray of light”. Flash forward a year later and I am searching for a name for my blog and among the many cheesy options I had in mind, “Little ray of light” came to mind. This was not planned at all. I was telling my husband how ironic it was for me to have come up with this name for my blog, an ode to my son and how his arrival inspired me to go after so many dreams, projects, ideas…you name it. I chose this dress to welcome the new year for two reasons: I had bought it for his christening and since we moved to the States and hadn’t been able to christen him the dress was brand new with it’s tags still so you now how the saying goes “something new to welcome the new year”. And how appropriate that the dress’s color is a true “ray of light” yellow. I am definitely and believer of signs and these are all pointing towards the beginning of a wonderful new year.

Hope you all have an amazing one,



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