March 27, 2017

Staying true to you…

“Keeping things real” is sometimes easier said than done, amiright? Social media nowadays has pushed us to a point where “fake it ’till you make it” becomes so entangled with reality that it literally obliterates any chance for us to show our true colors and, what’s worse, we start to believe we really don’t want to. Staying true to what drives us and who we really are is often times harder than we think but, a bit of effort on our parts and sometimes, even, a push in the right direction from life itself, will aid greatly.

For me, it really has been about trial and error. Through Instagram, I have come to realize who my audience really is (a very eclectic mix of fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion mommy bloggers and …my family ha!). And so, over the past two years I’ve come to realize that there are certain things  about me that appeal more to those who engage with me and that I really shouldn’t shy away from them.

For one thing I am as sarcastic and foul mouthed as can be and this is something I’ve tried to hide so much about myself but over the past few months I said to hell with it: this is who I am and why should I not show myself just as it is. Some people may not like it but honestly I am not for everybody. And that’s ok. I come from an upbringing where my mom would curse like crazy and my dad didn’t like it one bit. So there was a disjunctive about how I was supposed to behave and how I really wanted to express myself.

Another thing I’ve been focusing on is If I feel like sharing my thoughts on a particular subject, I don’t want to hold back on posting my views on a particular subject. A LOT of people might feel “offended” or “disagree” or their “douche-y” personalities might come through but I can’t let those things deter me from having a voice. This is a space where I can feel free to say what I want, in the most respectful and diplomatic way possible and so it is what I aim for.

It is a tricky journey, capturing your true self in front of a world of people that don’t know absolutely anything about you but are constantly judging your life based on a damn picture, regardless of the caption you use or however best you try to explain yourself through your Instagram stories. Go figure. You can’t always win with everyone but you can win with yourself. And that is good enough.

Until we meet again,


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  1. Your sarcasm and foul mouth are the reason I connect with you and your blog! Do you mama! You can’t please everyone, nor should you try 😘

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