June 12, 2017

summer neutrals


If there’s one piece of advice I would give to any new mom – or woman in general, for that matter – is don’t fuss or complicate your wardrobe and go with simple pieces you can rotate year round. In the summer, particularly, neutrals are just as essential as Thomas the Tank Engine movies are for long road trips. Currently, I am craving any and all whites, creams paired with gold, and yellowish color variations. Sprinkle on some blue (denim hues work wonders) and you are seriously all set for summer. I’m not the tannest girl in the world- ok I could pass for  Casper the Friendly Ghost’s twin- and this color combination still manages to look effortless and put together against my skin tone. I simply can’t get enough. This top is simply perfection and obviously will pair well  with anything. I’ve linked similar skirts below since this one is an oldie.


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  1. That top is perfect for summer and obsessed with those denim sandals.



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