April 21, 2015


Mica and Mama 2

Soooo this is my official entry in this brand new adventure…a little nervous and anxious (after all, I haven’t done anything like this before), sharing my likes, tastes and everything in between.

I am a working, stay-at-home mom of a rambunctious baby boy. A little ray of light I honesty never imagined would come into my life, literally (I was told by a doctor once that I would have a hard time conceiving). After many failed attempts, my husband and I finally stopped trying. And then a miracle happened.

So here I am, nine months later, with a little life that has been entrusted to me, scared as I could ever be yet excited at the same time, for every day is a new discovery and challenge but I am as willing as ever to tackle each and every one with my precious boy. I have never felt so blessed.

I am grateful for this new stage in our lives. It is bittersweet, challenging, tempestuous but above all, beautiful.

This is the beginning of a wonderfully precious journey. Thank you for following along.

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