March 21, 2016

White flared jeans

white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim white flared denim
white flared denim

white flared denim

I’m gonna be as frank as I can be: I loved the chilly weather we got down here in Orlando (for like 2 weeks, tops), but I was secretly hoping it would get warmer just so I could wear my most beloved pair of jeans : white with a huge flare. I bought these jeans ages ago from the Gap (similar here) and I can attest to why Gap is the shiznit when it comes to denim. These babies have stood the test of time and, one pregnancy and funked up body later, they still fit like it was the very first time. I wear these babies and it is instant chic-ness, I can’t even. Even with a simple, mustard-yellow tee , adding the right accessories these jeans give me that “own the room” status every girl secretly craves. To me, this outfit is the epitome of laid-back, easy-breezy and polished. Perfect for transitioning into summer.

On another note, sooo excited for Easter! Omg, we took Lucas for his pics with the Easter bunny and they turned out so darned cute I can’t even deal. It was the funniest thing because I was absolutely stressing out, looking at all the other kids and how they were being so good about taking their pics with the bunny (seriously, not one of them cried) and thinking “Omg I hope Lucas doesn’t totally ball out when we sit him down when his turn comes up”. But that kid is something else. The guy taking the pics started making him laugh and he was just the little charmer, sat down next to the bunny and smiled with his sweet little grin, I almost balled out myself #proudmommamoment!

So I hope all you mommas (and poppas) are getting those Easter baskets ready for your little bunnies and wishing you all a great week!



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